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Scratchy Ramp Review: Best Cat Ramp and Cat Scratcher?

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The Alpha Paw Scratchy Ramp will easily accommodate even the biggest cats.

Welcome to this Scratchy Ramp review. I would like to tell you about a great product: the Alpha Paw Scratchy Ramp Cat Ramp and Cat Scratcher (the ramp will accomodate a small dog too).

The originality of this product is that it is 2-in-1: it serves both as an exercise ramp (to easily access the sofa, couch or bed for example) for your pet cat but also as a scratching pad (to stop scratching the furniture).

A cat ramp and a cat scratcher!

About Alpha Paw

Alpha Paw is a very young company founded in 2018 by a dog lover, Ramon van Meer, who has a passion for rescuing abandoned dogs.

Alpha Paw’s mission is to provide the best pet products on the market. Each product is carefully tested by the

Alpha Paw team to guarantee the buyer maximum reliability.

First specialized in products for dogs, Alpha Paw also offers products for cats.

The PawRamp

Their best seller is the PawRamp, a ramp for dogs, which allows them to reach the bed (or the couch) or sofa in the living room without getting hurt.

It is recommended by veterinarians and more than 400 5-star reviews have already been issued on their website.

The product we are testing is the adaptation of this product for pet cats.

In a word, it’s a cat scratcher.

The Alpha Paw Scratchy Ramp will easily accommodate even the biggest cats.

The Alpha Paw Scratchy Ramp will easily accommodate even the biggest cats. – Source:

The Scratchy Ramp 2.0: A 2-in-1 Product (Scratching Post & Cat Scratcher)

As we said in the introduction, this product is both an access ramp for your cat (or little dog) and a place where he will be able to do his claws in complete peace of mind (a cat scratcher).

Yes, he will able to scratch the carpet!

No More Jumping on the Sofa (Or the Couch Or the Bed)!

The access ramp will allow your cat or small dog to access the couch or your bed without being injured. As we all know, cats love to come on our lap when we are watching television! And when the evening comes, cats love to come in bed and spend the night with us…

Yes, but that’s it, they can hurt themselves by jumping and make a huge mess… A bad reception is so fast for our intrepid little felines or our beloved little dog!

With the Scratchy Ramp, no more worries: kitty will be able to reach the sofa or the couch safely!

The Scratchy Ramp is also great for older cats, who can have a hard time reaching the sofa or the bed.

Adjustable Heights

The ramp can be tilted to adapt to all furniture or bed heights. So you can use the Scratchy Ramp in any situation! 2 heights are provided: 12 and 16 inches.

2 cats can use the Scratchy Ramp at the same time without any problem!

2 cats can use the Scratchy Ramp at the same time without any problem! – Source:

A Cat Scratcher: No More Furniture Scratching!

You cat won’t tear down the furniture no more, because this ramp also acts as a cat scratcher. A rug made of durable material will allow kitty to scratch as long as she wants, without damaging your furniture, thanks to this carpet!

No more furniture scratching!

In horizontal position, your cat will have an horizontal scratcher (you don’t have that kind of thing with a traditional cat tree).

This carpet will also allow her to climb on the ramp without fear of falling, thanks to its scratching material.

A Great Scratching Surface

The carpet is easy to replace: you just have to slide it out of its housing and replace it with a new one. Of course, the carpet can be purchased separately.

The manufacturer specifies that the scratch carpet is 1/4 inch thick. It should last long enough, especially since it offers a large scratching surface.

Obviously, if you have several cats, it will reduce the duration of use.

A Solid and Durable Wood Structure

First good surprise: you won’t have to assemble the Scratchy Ramp yourself. The Scratchy Ramp will be delivered to you already assembled and ready to use in its box. You can use it immediately.

Another good surprise: the materials used are solid, the pine wood is of good quality. You can see that this ramp is designed to last and to support even the largest breeds of cats and even a small dog. The owners of large cats like Ragdolls or Maine Coons will be happy!

No need to attach the Scratchy Ramp cat scratcher to the wall with wall mounts. Its rubber feet are enough to keep it stable on the ground.

Size and Weight of the Scratchy Ramp 2.0 Cat Scratcher

The size of the Scratchy Ramp is 32.5″ length and 14″ width. It can support a weight of up to 65 lbs. It has two recessed sections of wood where it can be pushed into a wooden bar to create a ramp which allows the adjustable height from 12″ to 16. It has only one size.

A Ramp that Can Be Easily Stowed Away

Since it is foldable, you can easily store the Scratchy Ramp cat scratcher when not in use, under your bed or in a box elsewhere. It will take up less space than your ironing board (average height of 3.6”)!

The Scratchy Ramp provides a large scratching surface, which extends the life of the mat.

The Scratchy Ramp provides a large scratching surface, which extends the life of the mat. – Source:

Best Benefit of the Scratchy Ramp 2.0

The Scratchy Ramp offers great features, however, I think it will have the greatest benefit only because of its design. It has two in-ground ramps and a cat scratcher, so your cat or dog is likely to enjoy the ramp. They enjoy horizontal and vertical scratching, which means they can use this ramp for cats who may need mobility support to move to higher areas.

The Scratchy Ramp includes a red mouse toy, in order to bring some extra funto your cat or dog!

Unique Features Compared to Other Scratchers

Most scratching toys are intended for one-use. Some have replacement parts but most of the cardboard is wrapped in cardboard. The Scratchy Ramp 2.0 is regarded by most carpet scratchers as having a replaceable surface, extending the lifespan of the product for your pet (you won’t have to buy a second one). When your cat or dog scratch most of your carpets, you can replace them and it will be as old as new.

What Do those Who Bought the Scratchy Ramp Think?

On the manufacturer’s website, more than 400 reviews have been left, averaging 4.8 stars! That proves the quality of the product, doesn’t it?

Consumers particularly appreciated the quality of the scratcher ramp’s construction and its 2-in-1 use.

But cats are also in love with this durable ramp: the scratching mat is very appreciated (some use it only for that).

One owner even reported the fact that thanks to the Scratchy Ramp scratching post, his cat had stopped butchering the sofa and the furniture for a year and a half now!

Owners of older cats are also satisfied, as the ramp allows them to reach places they no longer go because of their advanced age, like the bed for example.

In short, the Scratchy Ramp scratcher has changed their lives in some ways! A great gift idea for your cat!

The Scratchy Ramp Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Scratchy Ramp Cat Scratcher Exclusively for Cats?

No, it is strong enough to accommodate a small dog. And of course, if you have a large breed of cat as a pet, you can purchase this ramp: it will fit perfectly.

How Long Will the Scratch Carpet Last?

If you have only one cat, the life of the carpet will be quite long, because as we mentioned above, it is quite thick and the scratching surface is important.

If one area is worn out, your cat will be able to scratch next to it, which increases the life span of the carpet for your pet.

Can the Scratch Carpet Be Replaced?

Of course you can! Simply slide the old carpet out of its housing and replace it with a new one. You can purchase a new carpet separately.

Where is the Scratchy Ramp Made?

Like many of our everyday objects, the Scratchy Ramp is made in China. But the design of the product is 100% American.

Do Cats Like Cardboard Scratchers?

Many cats (and their paws) love cardboard scratchers because of their pliable material. It is also less dense compared to scratcher materials like sisal, so there’s no chance your cat gets its claws and paws caught in this substance.

How Big Should a Cat Scratcher Be?

You should find cat scratchers with an adjustable width to allow your cat access to your house easily and securely. Vertical cat scratcher must be approximately 18″ in diameter. The best vertical cat scratchers are 30-40 inches tall and will help to support cats and stretch. If no other model meets the above requirements, search for cat scratching machines that are 25 inches high and stable to keep them stable during the cat scratching usage.

My Cat Won’t Scratch the Scratch Carpet. What Should I Do?

You can attract your cat using catnip or treats to the area you want them to scratch. You can also use the provided toy and play with it.

Do you own a small dog? No problem, he can also use the Scratchy Ramp.

Do you own a small dog? No problem, he can also use the Scratchy Ramp. – Source:

Alpha Paw Scratchy Ramp: One Final Word

The Scratchy Ramp could finally well be the ultimate cat scratcher, but also the ultimate cat ramp (to bring your cat on the couch or bed with you)!

This well constructed, sturdy and durable 2-in-1 wood product succeeds in being both a quality, solid and well-made access ramp, but also a very good cat scratcher, which offers a very large scratching surface that you can replace once kitty has torn it apart. A great scratching post (with a replaceable carpet), and a great product for your pet! No more scratched furniture!

Price of the Scratchy Ramp

The only small criticism one could make of the Scratchy Ramp is that it’s a bit expensive, but that’s a bit of a price to pay for quality, and the price to pay for kitty to wear down its claws.

Think about the life span of the product: it will last without any problem for the whole life of your kitties (hoping they live long!). Yes, it is that durable! Besides, it is probably the only ramp you will buy for the paws of your favorite feline… and the only cat scratcher too!

Have you bought the Scratchy Ramp, which is maybe one of the best cat scratchers on the market today?

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