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6 Best Cat Carrier for Long Car Trips: A Helpful Guide

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Best Cat Carrier for Long Car Trips

It’s a fact: Cats don’t like to travel by car… It is a source of stress for them. So it’s important to make their trip as pleasant as possible for them, and that means first and foremost choosing an adapted transport bag. Especially if you go for a long travel. It’s very important to choose the best cat carrier for long car trips.

Forget the traditional wicker cat “basket”, even if its retro side can be attractive: it has the drawback that it doesn’t close very well and can’t be cleaned easily.

The object you need is a bag or crate that suits your travel plans and your feline.

Follow our advice to choose the right model!

The Cheapest : AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Mesh Pet Travel Carrier

Are you looking for a practical, airy and inexpensive carrying bag? Then this Amazon Basics bag could be just what you are looking for!

With a large zip opening (top and front) and well perforated walls for optimal ventilation, your tomcat will be safe and secure once inside.

No more bags that are too small and not ventilated enough, and place the emphasis on comfort and quality. And of course, for cheap!

First of all, this cat carrier bag comes in 3 sizes, depending on the weight of your four-legged companion.

Another advantage of this bag, from a practical point of view this time: it is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap, in addition to the carrying handles.

You will be able to carry your carrier bag on your shoulder, if you wish, to have your cat even closer to you!

Note that the bag itself doesn’t really weigh much, it’s super light.

Finally, this cat bag is equipped with a fleece mat, machine washable, for maximum comfort and cleanliness. The rest of the bag can be cleaned by hand with a wipe or sponge if necessary.

Of course, once you no longer need the best cat carrier for long car trips, you can simply fold it up and put it in the closet so that it does not take up any space in your home.

If you are looking for a cat carrier bag that is perfectly ventilated, flexible and inexpensive, this model from Amazon Basics could be just the thing for you.

And don’t think that just because it’s a fabric bag that it’s not sturdy, quite the contrary.

On the contrary, it’s a strong frame that holds it all together and makes this bag sturdy. So you can carry your pet in complete safety, and even with a shoulder strap if you want to keep your pet as close as possible to you.

By the way, the numerous reviews I’ve read are really very positive. And that’s not to mention the price, which is also really hot!


  • Super airy, robust and cheap!
  • Available in 3 sizes (depending on your cat’s weight)
  • Quick ZIP closures on top and front panel
  • With shoulder strap in addition to carrying handles
  • Removable and machine washable mat
  • Reinforced reinforcements
  • Respects the constraints of luggage dimensions (train, plane…), even if this will always remain to be checked on a case by case basis.
  • Great price!


  • Please note that in the car, this bag cannot be held in place with a seat belt, as it lacks rigidity

The Most Extensible: Maskeyon Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Looking for a cat carrier bag that is both soft and stretchy? That’s what Maskeyon offers us with this superb bag, perfect for transporting pets with maximum comfort.

Your feline will have enough room inside to move around and get comfortable, thanks to the foldable extension on each side.

This space saving is really a strong asset for this bag, compared to others. The emphasis here is on cat comfort above all, and we really like it!

Due to its dimensions, this bag is perfect for cats up to a maximum of 9 pounds.

Moreover, this bag has very airy walls, so that your pet is always comfortable inside, free to breathe normally, without being stressed.

And comfort goes even further with this bag.

A beautiful fleece mat is laid out on the floor, so that every cat can feel comfortable (this is really important if you are traveling with your cat for a long time).

Moreover, this best cat carrier for long car trips can easily be folded up and stored under your bed or in your wardrobe when you no longer need it.

Finally, if you’re planning to travel by car, you can attach the seat belt from your seat to the buckles on the bag, making it easier to keep your pet safe during the journey.

This cat carrier bag is by far my favorite. And Internet users largely share this feeling, to be believed through all the very positive opinions they have left on this product.

It must be said that this bag is really great, with its extensible character (65% more space!).

Your cat will thus have more space when traveling with you for long periods of time.

Moreover, it is perfectly ventilated, and very comfortable thanks to its fleece carpet!

Finally, given its quality and price, it is a purchase to be made without hesitation! I really recommend it to you!


  • Expandable bag: 65% more space!
  • Offers much more space than classic bags
  • Equipped with large storage pockets
  • Foldable (can be stored without taking up too much space)
  • Comfortable, reinforced fleece rug
  • Suitable size for most aircraft
  • Very good value for money
  • Optimal ventilation
  • Bag that can be attached in the car
  • Very modern and elegant design


  • Lacks a little bit of strength
  • Closures not secure enough, according to some people

The Most Foldable: Pet Magasin Cat Carrier

Need a foldable cat carrier bag so you don’t take up space once it’s no longer needed? That’s what Pet Store offers with this great cat carrier bag.

And it has everything to charm many of us: waterproof, airy, quick opening/closing, sturdy and easy to clean.

And not forgetting the main thing: all this at a small price of course!

Its first asset: its “foldable” character. So you can easily store it so that it doesn’t take up any space, whenever you don’t need to use it anymore.

Unfolding it is just as quick to do. And it’s held together by the end panels, which, when zipped up, hold everything securely. Simple and effective, I love it!

Regarding its dimensions (18″ x 11″ x 10″), it will fit most cats (up to 10 pounds).

They are also suitable for transporting animals via most airlines, although you just have to check this by calling your airline. You never know…

This cat carrier bag is also particularly robustly constructed, ensuring good safety for your cat.

By the way, it’s designed to withstand animal bites, unless of course your pet turns into a rabid tawny on a full moon night!

Also note that the outside of the bag is made of waterproof material, so it’s easy to clean. The best!

This foldable best cat carrier for long car trips really has a lot to offer. It is not only flexible and sturdy, but also waterproof and easily washable.

You will certainly also appreciate the possibility to put it over your shoulder, allowing you to keep your pet close to you.

The price is really not bad, considering the quality.


  • Foldable carry bag (easy storage)
  • Raincoat
  • Single zipper (zip)
  • Ideal dimensions for cats
  • Equipped with a shoulder strap
  • Will agree with most airlines
  • Can support up to 9 kg
  • Made of durable materials
  • Solid structure (and resistant to animal bites)


  • Wash and air it well before using it for the first time (otherwise the smell of the raincoat will strongly disturb you and your cat).
  • A little rug would have been nice

The Toughest : Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier

This cat carrier is the strongest we’ve tested. In addition, it is available in a wide variety of sizes.

This solid, vigorous hard transporter is intended to convey pets in the hold of an airplane. It’s a decent alternative, in this way, in case you’re worried about your feline mauling or gnawing through texture.

There’s acceptable ventilation through the wire vents and entryway.

This cat carrier provides restricted visibility, which can come in handy if your cat is subject to stress.

Its 4-way vault entryway gives extra security. Helpful in case you’re stressed that your feline may be arranging an escape.

Clasp on bowls are incorporated.

There’s no extra cushioning so you’d have to purchase a pad or cushion the scrape the bottom with a cover or wool.

As this is a hard box it will be heavier than delicate transporters in any event, when vacant.


  • Ventilation openings on all sides
  • Durable plastic shell
  • Four-way vault doors for maximum security
  • Clip-on bowls included with kennel


  • Cons
  • Nothing!

If You Have More than 1 Cat: Wakytu Portable 2-in-1 Pet Carrier Set

Are you looking for the perfect travel companion for your cats? Look no further than the Wakytu Portable 2-in-1 Pet Carrier Set! This stylish and lightweight set is perfect for active pet owners who want their furry friends to join them on their adventures.

With a spacious interior and convenient shoulder straps, it’s easy to take your pet with you wherever you go. This set comes with 2 pet carriers that can be used together or separately depending on your needs. The carriers are lightweight and collapsible, making them easy to store and transport. They are also made of durable fabric that is waterproof and easy to clean.

The pet carriers also come with adjustable straps, so you can easily adjust the size of the carrier to fit your pets. The carriers also feature mesh side panels to ensure that your pets have plenty of air circulation. The carriers also feature a secure zipper closure for added safety.

The Wakytu Portable 2-in-1 Pet Carrier Set is perfect for those who are looking for an easy way to bring their pets along on trips. With its lightweight design and adjustable straps, this set makes it easy to take your furry friends with you wherever you go. Plus, the carriers are easy to store and clean, so you can keep them in top shape.


  • 2-in-1 design
  • Suitable for cats or small/medium dogs
  • Great air circulation
  • Foldable for easy storage


  • Some stability problems

Great for Shy Cats: Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier

Its wire frame allows you to easily push it under the seats of your car. This can be especially useful if your cat is shy. This will protect your cat from the outside world.

There’s a lot of ventilation on the top and side passage. Furthermore, it empowers the pet to have the option to watch out and around.

The zippers lock.

Top and side passage make for simple access.

There’s a no-slip conveying shoulder lash.

The back pocket considers advantageous capacity of documentation or treats.

There’s a fake sheep fleece liner included and it’s machine launderable and is useful for included solace.

There’s a lash to join to the safety belt considers a protected fit.


  • Wire frame to easily push it under the car’s seats
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Rear pocket for storage of treats (or anything else your cat will need)


  • Not very durable, especially with big animals
  • Zipper can broke sometimes

Best Cat Carrier for Long Car Trips: A Buying Guide

When you want to buy a cat carrier bag, there are a number of criteria to consider before you buy.

Not everyone will be interested in the fact that it is approved. But whether it has wheels so you don’t have to carry it all the time, or whether it’s foldable so it can be easily stored in a cupboard without taking up space, you may be interested.

So take a good look at all these points and hopefully you’ll make the best possible choice!

Bag Size and Weight Capacity

One of the first things to look at is the inside dimensions of the bag, and the maximum weight you can put in it.

These features will have to be sufficient to make your cat feel comfortable inside… and not get through!

To do this, you’ll need to take your cat’s measurements and weigh him or her.

Concerning its size, add about 4 inches per side so that your cat can be comfortable in the bag.

For the maximum weight, take at least a margin of one kilo to be sure not to miss!

Also, pay special attention to all those cheap or too cheap cat carrier bags. Many of them will fall apart after a few weeks, and this can quickly turn into a waste of money.

A minimum of quality at a price, as you can imagine.

And sometimes you have to know how to put about thirty dollars in a good bag that you will be able to keep for several years, and where your cat will feel good, rather than buying one at ten dollars, and which will let you go after a fortnight. Think carefully before you buy.


For your cat to feel really good, it will also need a well-ventilated bag, where it can breathe as if it were outside.

Of course, there is no strict rule to follow, but it is obvious that the more micro-perforated walls your best cat carrier for long car trips has, the better your pet will feel!

If you take a ventilated bag only on one large side, be careful to leave this side free (don’t turn it towards a wall for example; and don’t laugh, it can happen …).

So don’t put it against a seat or a wall. Besides, these vents are also walls through which your cat will be able to see the surroundings, and thus be less stressed.

By the way, if you can’t manage to soothe your cat, you can always read these tips if your cat is stressed, and find solutions to make him feel better.

Foldable or Expandable

We find more and more sophisticated bags, to the delight of our cat friends!

Of course, we find the classic cloth carrier bags, and foldable so that they don’t take up space when they are no longer in use.

But there are also extensible models, really great! They will allow you to expand the size of your carrier bag in a flash. Your pet will have much more room to relax and move around without being too cramped.

And don’t think this type of bag costs a lot more than other bags! On the contrary, I would even say that they are often in the same price range. So, don’t deprive yourself of them!

Conformity and Homologation

The bag you choose will have to adapt to the mode of transport. If you plan to transport your cat by car, the bag will need to be able to be secured with a seatbelt.

If it’s by train or bus, the bag will need to be stable and suitable for this type of transport.

Partially or Totally Washable?

Here’s one of the last things you’ll also need to pay attention to, because every bag is different.

On this subject, you’ll find classic, non-waterproof bags, and waterproof bags, which keep your pet dry while maintaining a fairly good level of ventilation.

Most of the time, you will have at least one “floor mat” that is machine washable.

Here again, it will be necessary to follow the manufacturers’ instructions so as not to damage the materials (washing temperature, etc…).

In addition, you will also find commercially available cat carrier bags that are fully washable, either by hand or machine.

Here again, follow the manufacturers’ recommendations (especially regarding washing products, softeners, etc.).

Otherwise, you can always wash them with a sponge, that’s my advice!

Cat Carrier Photo by Byron ChinCC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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