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Can Dogs and Cats Mate?

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Can Dogs and Cats Mate

Don’t play innocent. I’m sure you’ve asked yourself the question more than once: can dogs and cats mate? In other words, can a dog get a cat pregnant and have babies together?

Let’s cut the suspense short right now: NO, a cat and a dog can’t reproduce!

They belong to different species and are therefore not “conceived” in the same way.

Let’s find out why dogs and cats can’t mate in the rest of this article.

Why Can’t Dogs and Cats Mate?

Dogs and cats belong to different species, which makes it impossible for them to reproduce. They cannot have babies together because their sperm and ovaries are incompatible.

According to research, only animals belonging to the same species can have babies together.

A dog might be able to get a cat pregnant, but in this case the baby would not survive. In any case, this has never happened before, even in the laboratory.

You may have seen videos on the Internet showing a cat and a dog breeding, but the reality is that this is impossible.

Mating a cat and a dog is simply unnatural for several reasons:

  • The DNA of a cat and a dog are incompatible. They cannot mix properly.
  • Cats and dogs have physiological differences that make it all the more impossible for them to reproduce.

Moreover, their reproductive cycle and their gestation period are very different.

For all these reasons, dogs and cats cannot have offspring together.

In any case, cats and dogs are not attracted to each other, at least not for reproduction.

Can Dogs and Cats Mate? Science says no – Image: Rohit Tripathi from Pixabay

Aren’t There Examples of Succesful Reproduction Between Dogs and Cats?

Scientists have of course managed to create hybrids between 2 animals, but these animals belong to the same species.

As far as animals belonging to different species are concerned, crossing is impossible because of too great genetic and physiological differences, but also because of differences in reproduction cycles and fertility times.

But Sometimes Dogs Try to Mate cats…

Dogs sometimes behave strangely. It is very common that they try to mate everything they find: cats, but also furniture, objects, children…

Puppies often try to mount on things, but it’s not because they want to reproduce: it’s just to play.

Dog experts, Rangers dog have highlighted some important points when introducing cats in dogs territory and that includes within your home.

Sometimes this behavior is due to the dog’s desire to show dominance, not to reproduce.

However, if you have noticed this behaviour in your dog, it is best to discourage it.

If you have observed this behavior with a female dog, it may be due to a urinary tract infection problem. In this case, it is best to consult the veterinarian.


So, the question “Can dogs and cats mate?” can be answered with a firm and definitive answer: NO.

As we have seen, dogs and cats are 2 very distinct species with each their own specificities, which makes them incompatible with any form of reproduction or crossbreeding.

Personally, I would be a little afraid to see the animal born from the mating of a cat and a dog…

And you, what is your opinion on the question? Do you think it is possible in the long term? But is it desirable, from an ethical point of view?

Tell us all about it in the comments!

Cat and Dog Photo by StockSnap from Pixabay

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