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Cat’s Eyes Meaning

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Cat's Eyes

It is true that we usually understand dogs, and that is because it is not an arduous task to understand them. Why we can accurately read dogs is because of their expressive body language and faces. On the contrary, cats are known to be emotionally vague.

However, there is now a rapidly growing belief that cats can be as expressive as their canine counterparts. I pinpointed the problem of not understanding cats to the fact that we don’t see what they are trying to say, or we tend to misinterpret.

When dealing with cats, you should note everything, ranging from the tail waves to the meows, as they all mean different things. For example, with every blink, yowl, or purr, your cat could be saying, “Go away,” “Let’s snuggle,” or “Hello.”

As the number of cat owners who want to connect with their beloved pet keeps increasing, pet experts say that there is much to be gained from all the attempts to communicate. However, it could be a little frustrating that sometimes you don’t understand what your cat is trying to tell you.

Cats are so independent that they are often misunderstood. I am going to be talking about the different meanings you should decipher from your cat’s eyes to help you understand what they are trying to communicate with the use of their eyes.

Cat’s Eyes Color

Firstly, I am going to start telling you about the various eye colors cats possess and what they signify. Cat eyes come in many colors, ranging from light to dark brown and multiple shades of green and blue.

Some of these eye colors are linked to breeds, such as the blue eyes of the Siamese cats. There are eye colors highly valued by breeders and people who take part in cats’ shows – the copper color is a very prized eye color.

Also, note that the copper-colored eyes could signify a portosystemic shunt, something more sinister.  It is essential to keep in mind that not all cats with copper-colored eyes have a liver shunt (in fact, copper-colored eyes are a common trait in many breeds of cats). However, a significant amount of cats that have shunts possess copper-colored eyes.

Generally, a cat possesses two eyes that are the same color. Both could be brown or green, or any other of the same color. However, there are cases where the cat has heterochromia, which signifies possessing two different eye colors.

This means that one eye could be green while the other is blue, or the iris could even have a different color within one eye. You don’t need to be worried if your cat has heterochromia, especially if it was born that way.

But, if you start to notice that your cat’s eye color is changing with time, it could be a warning sign of something critical, like chronic inflammation or worse. So, it is advisable that you book the next available appointment with your pet’s doctor.

Cat with 2 Different Eye Colors – Image by Harvey Chan from Pixabay

Cat’s Eyes Movements

Your cat can use eye movements coupled with some facial expressions to try to communicate with you. Some of these eye movements include:

Slow Eye Blinks

Slow eye blinks from your cat signifies trust and love. You would notice a sleepy and dreamy appearance from your cat as their eyes are partially closed as though they are in a state of bliss.

If you are lucky enough to get one of these slow blinks from your cat, ensure that you reciprocate with a slow blink of your own to show that you also care. I do it all the time!

Direct Stare

When dealing with cats, a direct stare is both confrontational and threatening. You should check if the cat’s pupils are slits or dilated as they signify it is offensively aggressive. The eye of the cat is protected from potential injury by the squinty eyelids.

If the cat is defensively aggressive, it would have its brow furrowed and pupils dilated. You should not interact with this cat. If there is no familiarity between you and the cat, it is best that you do not make eye contact to avoid getting injured. I tend to just leave my cats alone when I see this.

Unblinking Stare

Your cat looks directly at you with an unblinking stare and has slightly dilated pupils to show interest. It sends the message, “I know you are there, and I don’t want to fight.”

It is also important to note that the unblinking stare is a communication megaphone for potentially aggressive cats to rivals. It is mainly noticed in homes with multiple cats. I see my cats do this on occasion.

Cat’s Eyes Pupils

Narrow Pupils Indicate an Aroused Cat

The arousal of a cat is usually triggered by various factors such as fear, pleasure, and even anger. Emotions such as these can cause the immediate tightening of the pupils in your cat, and they form narrow or constricted slits.

This might happen to your cat’s eyes when they find a mouse and attempt to feed on it. Even without sighting a mouse, a cat can be triggered by perceiving the smell associated with a mouse.

Your cat’s pupils can also become narrow if she wants to abruptly pounce on her play toy or even your moving toes in your blankets. Anger is also a massive trigger for cats. It causes their pupils to tighten in the split of a second. This is most at times complemented with growling and even hissing.

However, if your cat’s eyes are squinted while the pupils are contracted, it indicates brewing aggression or aggression itself. The squinting of eyes protects the cat from the claws of her opponent.

If your cat feels comfortable and relaxed, there is a high chance of her eyes becoming narrow because she is experiencing pleasure. This is accompanied by purring and resting on your body.

Wide Pupils Indicates a Scared or Excited Cat

It is well-known that our cats speak to us through their body language. What most individuals do not know is that cats also communicate through their eyes.

With their eyes, they give vital information about their moods and feelings. Feelings like excitement or even fear.

This is a very actual fact. The eyes of a cat can widen in excitement or fear. This means that you would have to take note of the environment to figure out what your cat is experiencing.

When you present your cat with her favorite meal, it can cause her eyes to widen in excitement as she waits in anticipation for her treat. The widening of your cat’s pupil can also mean she is experiencing anxiety.

When your cat is all quiet and sitting down with wide pupils, it shows that she is anxious. This usually happens when she is taken to the vet, and it is obvious she dislikes going there.

The widening of the pupils could also mean terror and fear. You could have noticed this when a thunderstorm and your cat hurries to the closest dark and small space.

What Happens when the Cat Eyes are of Different Sizes?

If you find out that one of your cat’s eyes is bigger than the other, you must visit the vet. This is because your cat is likely to have a condition known as anisocoria. This condition is not a disease, and it is instead a symptom of an underlying illness. So, it must be treated with urgency.

Research has shown that the abrupt occurrence of anisocoria in a cat signifies a severe illness that ought to be treated immediately.

There are, however, other reasons why the pupils of your cat may differ in size. This condition might occur if your cat has a brain injury resulting from trauma such as falling from a hair place or being run over by a car.

The difference in eye sizes can also occur if your cat sustained a physical injury in its eye or have a complication with a nerve that is directly connected to the eyes.

Other reasons could include a condition known as glaucoma, which occurs when there is a buildup of pressure in the eye area. Or even irritation of the pupil and retinal disease. A cat can even develop cancer, which would cause there to be differences in the size of her eyes.

Cat’s Eyes Meaning: The Bottom Line

A cat’s body language is mostly confusing, subtle, and can be contradictory at times. Because these cats cannot express what they feel verbally, it is imperative that we obtain the ability to understand their body language. So, ensure you recognize every quirk and consider the context of the surroundings.

The pupils of a cat are fascinating and informative. It is a phenomena part of their body that shows their different moods. By paying attention to your cat’s eyes, you would be better equipped to understand them and taking care of them.

You would remove them from situations where they feel threatened and anxious. The pupils of your cat also reflect his health status. Once you notice that your cat’s pupils start to change in size or it starts to deform, rush to the vet immediately for a checkup.

Cat’s Eyes Photo by EgoAltere from Pixabay

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