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Drinkwell Pet Fountain Review: A Great Way to Drink for your Cat

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Drinking Cat

Been looking for a cat water fountain that best suits your cat’s hydrating needs? This pet fountain is an excellent choice in keeping your cat hydrated and free from health problems at the same time.

But acquiring the most suitable water fountain for your cat employs a lot of considerations.

You probably ask yourself too many questions, such as does my cat need it? Will my cat benefit from using it? Is it easy but safe to use, too?

These questions might concern you big time. Let’s tackle each of them for you to be enlightened that you really need to get one.

Water Fountains: Defined

Water fountains are drinking devices for pets such as cats and dogs, which give a continuous water flow. This device allows pets to drink instantly from the basin or from the fountain itself.

Filters are often provided, which ensure that water is free from contamination.

Drinkwell Pet Fountain

Drinkwell Pet Fountain – Source:

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Is it a Great Necessity to Avail a Water Fountain for your Cat?

Products that are manufactured to address cat’s necessities are widely spread in the market. Regardless, it is still tough to specify which among them are vital and serve their purpose well. For instance, finding the right water fountain is challenging enough.

Possessing a sufficient drinking water source is fundamental in keeping your pet’s health condition. Foods that your pets take do not contribute enough moisture to their body. Water is still required to make up for that shortcoming.

Cats are categorized as particularly sensitive animals. Their sense of taste and smell is very keen and dominant. These may influence the amount of water intake they’ll likely consume.

The traditional way of placing tap water in a bowl and letting your pet consume it is not advisable. Elements found in the water and the bowl itself might hinder the cat from drinking.

This is where the usefulness of water fountains arises.

When Can You Tell that your Cat Needs a Water Fountain?

The following are some clues that you can use as a basis in deciding if you need to get one:

  • There are noticeable signs that your cat is not feeling well. Weakness and loss of weight are familiar indications that your cat is experiencing health problems caused by dehydration. Cats are picky drinkers in nature. That is why most of them don’t drink enough. Come up with a better way of providing water if possible.
  • You always notice your cat drinking water from a faucet or shower. This kind of attitude only tells that your cat prefers drinking from a flowing water source. One reason may be because they consider tap water unsafe. Science suggests that nasty forms of bacteria breed in tap water which can be harmful to cats.
  • Your cat looks displeased with drinking in a bowl. If the cat is not convinced to drink water, it only suggests that he might be dissatisfied with this kind of drinking arrangement. It is a struggle for cats to see the water level in a bowl.

What Are the Benefits Derived from Using Water Fountains?

Getting a water fountain for your cat may look a bit luxurious. But it can certainly give bountiful benefits. Some of them are provided below.

    • It will certainly boost your cat’s drinking habit. Water that is free from impurities brings positive feedback to cats. It will give them the initiative to drink more. It will be beneficial for your cat’s health if he consumes more water.
    • Your cat’s health condition is rest assured. Cats that can consume an ample amount of water every day have less chance of acquiring dehydration-related problems. You don’t need to worry that your cat may acquire kidney illness, heatstroke, and circulatory system deterioration.
    • It can help in your cat’s mental stimulation. Cats are normally fond of moving water. Cats are given the privilege to enjoy drinking as well as maintaining health consciousness.
    • Water refilling is not a dilemma. Spending so much time refilling water bowls is prevented. It saves you from this hassle. Using a water fountain is advantageous on your part, especially when you have a lot of other things to do.

What Are the Key Factors in Choosing the Right Water Fountain for your Cat?

Before you purchase a water fountain, kindly take note of the following things first:

1. Materials

Be mindful of the materials used. Water fountains vary in terms of manufacturing materials. Some of them are made from plastic and stainless steel. See to it that you choose the one that is affordable but also safe to use.

2. Filtration types

Varieties of filtration methods are enclosed already in water fountains. It may include carbon and foam filters, among others. Filters like these are perfect for getting rid of different forms of contaminants that water contains, which may post harmful effects.

3. Maintenance

You should utilize those kinds that are susceptible to clean and maintenance. It not only conserves time but keeps you from the hassle of spending too much effort on cleaning.

4. Operating Source

Most water fountains work using batteries or plugged into a wall outlet. But these types may be troublesome. That is why most cat owners choose electrically powered ones.

5. Flow Control

Some of them are available with adjustable flow control caps. Choosing this one lets you regulate the water flow. This is favorable for your cat’s water flow preference.

6. Assembly

Choose those types that are susceptible to build and dismantle. This will prevent headaches from cleaning and maintenance.

What Makes Drinkwell Pet Fountain a Better Choice Over Others?

Choosing this pet fountain for your pet cat lets you experience all the benefits cited above. It also employs numerous numbers of features that are surely beneficial not just for your cat but for you as well.

Some of its users recommend Drinkwell pet fountain because of its great features, which include:

  • It has high water capacity, which is ideal for long time usage.
  • It contains flexible water flow control ability.
  • It has an excellent filtration system that purifies water from contamination and harmful elements.
  • It offers constant water circulation, which helps prevent harmful bacteria from breeding.
  • It is simple to build and dismantle, making maintenance a lot easier.

Drinkwell Pet Fountains Easy to Clean Designs

Drinkwell Pet Fountain also comes with different designs. Here is the list of drinkwell pet fountains easy to clean and convenient, which will give fresh water to your cat pets anytime.

Platinum Drinkwell Pet Fountain

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain – Source:

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Drinkwell Platinum fountain is built from plastic material and is goof for trouble-free cleaning. The fountain adds an expandable charcoal filter that eliminates unpleasant flavors and scents.

It has an extra pre-filter as well, which aids in taking huge debris such as pieces of food and pet furs before it joins the filter. It’s suggested that the charcoal filter is restored between 2 to 4 weeks.

The combined water capacity is higher than the standard volume of 5 Liters, so you do not have to worry about restoring it as regularly as some other pet fountains.

The pump is built to be deconstructed for effortless cleaning. It’s flexible, too. That’s why you can simply have the water flow at your preferred rate.

Original Drinkwell Pet Fountain


Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain is also manufactured from plastic substances that can easily take part for easier cleaning.

Like the Platinum pet fountain, it also contains a convertible charcoal filter. This filter as well can take away irksome flavor and smell and must be put back every 2 to 4 weeks.

The water capacity of the Original Drinkwell Fountain is approximately 1.5 Liters. It’s a little bit smaller, so if you want to have a bigger pet fountain like the Platinum one, go and have one if you need a higher water capacity.

Catit Senses Drinkwell Pet Fountain

Catit Senses Pet Fountain

Catit Senses Pet Fountain – Source:

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This pet fountain from Hagen is good for cats as well as little dogs, with an average water capacity of 3 liters.

It is made with a huge surface part for the water to emit more extra oxygen, which produces cleaner and flavorsome water.

It is also dishwasher protected for light cleaning.

This pet fountain is but from plastic and has a dual purpose filter that takes up water-dirt like pet foods and furs.

Cat Mate Pet Fountain

This type of pet fountain is made from plastic that presents 3 drinking spots with distinctive heights.

The purpose of this is for the cats to prefer their drinking spots from sparkling water at the top, the free-flowing water, or the huge bowl at the bottom.

It contains a water capacity of 2 liters which is about the standard size for cat drinkwell fountains.

It is secure from any dishwasher and is easy to clean, too.

Catit Clear and Fresh Drinkwell Pet Fountain with Food Bowl

This pet fountain from Hagen is good for cats. The all-purpose drinking spots let your pet hydrated both instantly from the water flow and the center bowl based on their choice.

The average water size is 3 liters which means there is a bountiful quantity of fresh and clean water, so you will not need to reload the fountain all the time.

Catit Drinkwell Flower Cat Fountain

Catit Flower Cat Fountain

Catit Flower Cat Fountain – Source:

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This pet fountain is made with a smart design providing your pets with three different spots to drink off.

It has a Triple Action Filter that can take away debris, pet hairs, and dirt from the water to avoid cat absorption.

It can hold up an average water capacity of 3 liters. The parts can be easily detached for easy cleaning and are also dishwasher safe.

Pioneer Pet Swan Drinking Fountain

Pioneer Pet Swan is the ideal pet fountain when your cat likes to be hydrated out of the faucet.

The swan form of this fountain imitates a faucet style, attracting your cat to get a drink. With more than 2-liter water capacity, this pet fountain is ideal for pet owners who have an average number of cats.

It has a charcoal filter that keeps the water clean and fresh and is dishwasher safe, too.

The parts can be easily disassembled for easy and convenient cleaning.

Pet Fit for Life Plastic Cat Water Fountain

This pet fountain entices your pet to drink on the bowl without getting strain on your pet’s neck due to its elevated design.

The charcoal filter helps purifies water, dirt, and debris like pet hairs and foods. It keeps the water fresh and delicious.

The 2-liter water storage is good for keeping your pets stay hydrated. It is also designed for an easy cleaning purpose.

Drinkwell Multi-Tier Plastic Cat and Dog Fountain

This pet fountain provides your pets with steady running water to boost their energy for dehydration, avoiding the risk of any kind of disease.

It has an elevated style as well as a lower bowl which makes it comfortable for senior pets to drink without some distress from leaning over.

This water fountain can be readily disassembled for effortless cleaning.

Its 3-liter water storage is filtered with carbon and is perfect for cats and dogs below 50 pounds.

Pros of Having a Drinkwell Pet Fountain

  • It makes your pets stay hydrated, which makes them get big health benefits from taking fresh and clean water.
  • Pets are tempted to flowing water which grows their appetite to drink out more.
  • The filter mode on water fountains attracts any undesired debris providing your pets a fresh, healthy, and reliable source of water.
  • Enables occupied pet owners to be at ease whenever they’re away from home
  • May begin to fewer calls to the veterinarian.

Cons of Having a Drinkwell Pet Fountain

  • Cost – Even though not very costly, pet owners on stable funds may see the expense as a burden.
  • Maintenance – The water fountain must be cleaned up not less than once per week.
  • The pump may have to be compensated constantly.
  • Filters can be obstructed because of too much dog salivation
  • Most water fountains can only be employed indoors

Drinkwell Pet Fountain: Conclusion

Water is essential to your pets. Though they can acquire some amount of water on their food intake, it’s still important to supply them with clean and fresh water. Pets who stay hydrated with clear water are far less exposed to health problems.

So which pet fountain is the most suitable for you? Go and have one of these pet fountains at home. You can try those easy-to-clean pet fountain designs for convenient cleaning that is perfect for home decor, too.

Drinking Cat Photo by rihaij from Pixabay

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