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Kitten Playing in the Litter Box: What to Do?

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Kitten Playing

In this article we will talk about a problem that you may have with a young cat: kitten playing in the litter box.

When you’ve educated your kitten, you’ve probably shown her the place where she needs to relieve herself, i.e. the litter box.

Yes, but here it is: all those little grains of sand are funny, and it’s hard for little kitty to resist the temptation to play with them and put them everywhere! And who cleans up afterwards? You do!

Here are a few tips that may help you solve this problem.

Kitten Playing in the Litter Box: Is It Normal?

Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal for your kitten to play in her litter box. Kittens are naturally playful and full of energy. They want to play all the time, so why not also play in the litter box?

By nature, cats are clean animals, but this cleanliness comes to them little by little as they grow up.

And remember that cats don’t have the same aversion to feces as we do. So they may find it fun, especially at a young age, to play with it, just like with any other toy.

Buy Him a Toy and Play with Him

One of the reasons your little furball is playing in the litter box may simply be because he’s bored. This may be the case especially if he is the only cat in the house.

In this case, nothing could be simpler: buy him or her a small toy and spend some time with him or her to play. This will stimulate him and maybe make him stop playing in his litter box.

Invest in a Litter Box with Higher Edges (or Covered)

If you’re tired of kitty cat littering all over the room, give her a litter box with high edges to prevent litter from being thrown around.

Not too high either: your little protégé must be able to get to it without difficulty (otherwise he risks doing his business elsewhere in the house …).

Alternatively, you can opt for a covered litter box, which will also prevent the litter from being thrown everywhere.

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Kitten Playing in the Litter Box: Clean the Litter Box Regularly

Young cats may play with their own feces. Indeed, they do not know what it is yet and do not know what to do with it…

A cat will normally bury his feces, in order to avoid being spotted by a predator, attracted by the smell. This is what felines do in the wild, and of course the domestic cat has kept these instincts.

He can therefore have fun burying and then digging up his droppings, which will make him scratch and turn the litter box upside down.

Give him a little time to develop this habit, and in the meantime, make sure to maintain a clean litter box to reduce this kind of behavior.

Use an Unscented Litter

Kitten playing in the litter box: Use an unscented litter

Kitten playing in the litter box: Use an unscented litter – Source:

Most commercially available litter contains artificial fragrances. Your kitten may be attracted by these perfumes, which will make her want to keep coming back to the litter box.

Opt for a litter box without any scent: in addition to being more natural than a scented litter, it will be less attractive for your kitten, who will only return to it to relieve herself, and not to turn it into an amusement park!

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Place a Mat under the Litter Box to Collect the Particles

A very simple idea: place a mat under the litter box, which overflows to the sides. In this way, the litter particles that are thrown by little kitty will land on the mat and will be easier to recover.

Choose a soft and comfortable material for your cat’s paws.

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Why Does my Kitten Lie Down in the Litter Box?

Sometimes, it can happen that a kitten lies down in the litter box. This attitude, which may seem strange, can have several reasons:

  • Your kitten is sick: if you notice that her behavior is strange, it could be that your kitten is sick. If in doubt, take your kitten to the vet.
  • The litter box is more comfortable than the floor: Your kitten may find that her litter box is a more comfortable and warm surface than when she is lying on the floor or on a blanket. In this case, you can create a place where she will feel comfortable by using a metal dish, which has the advantage of not absorbing heat.
  • She is hiding from something: cats have a natural tendency to want to hide (as in nature, to avoid predators). Make a safe place for him to take refuge when he feels the need with, for example, a cardboard box in which you can drill an opening, or simply her carrier. Put a comfortable blanket inside to create a cozy little nest.

Be Patient with your Kitten, Even If She Continues to Play in the Litter Box

Remember: don’t reprimand your kitten, even if she keeps sending litter everywhere! Be patient with her, give her time to understand and change her habit.

Does YOUR Kitten Play in her Litter Box? Tell Us Everything!

And you, what is the relationship between your kitten and its litter box? Have you experienced this small inconvenience? If so, what measures have you taken to put an end to this annoying habit? Was it successful?

Use the comments to tell us a little more!

Kitten Playing Photo by Ilona Ilyés from Pixabay

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