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As we all know, cats love cat trees. They can exercise, run in all directions, get their claws sharpened… All in a secure environment and without having to go outside (practical when you live in an apartment).

Most cat trees cost only a few tens of dollars and are easily found anywhere.

But did you know that there are luxury cat trees with condo house, which will not only allow kitty to play sports when he wants to, but will also help decorate your home and make other cat owners from the neighborhood jealous?

We have put together this little guide to luxury cat trees, for your viewing pleasure (and possibly your wallet, if it is well stocked of course!).

An Overview of the 12 Best Luxury Cat Trees with Condo House

Name Merchant Nb. of Levels Price
Crystal Clear Lotus Cat Tower The Refined Feline 4 $$$$
Lotus Cat Tower The Refined Feline 4 $$$
Cat Shelves Cats Mode 1 $$
Luxury Cat Tree Li-HIM 3 $$
Kitty Hollow Cat Tree CatsPlay 3 $$$
Spiral Cat Staircase Tree CatsPlay 16 $$$$
Deluxe Sisal Climbing Pole Catastrophic Creations 3 $$
Deluxe Cat Fort Catastrophic Creations 4 $$
Three-Level Elevated Luxury Cat Tree PetPals 3 $$
48″ Luxe Modern Cat Tree Majestic Pet 4 $$$
Casita Cat Tree 73″ Majestic Pet 6 $$$
Tree House Tower On2Pets 3 $$
Crystal Clear Lotus Cat Tower By The Refined Feline

Crystal Clear Lotus Cat Tower By The Refined Feline

Check Price on The Refined Feline

Let’s start with the most expensive: $ 5000! But beware, for this price you will be entitled to a real work of art: handmade by a master craftsman specializing in acrylic work.

The cat tree is made up of platforms covered with faux fur, so that your cat can settle down at ease (as cats like to do!). This faux fur is attached by Velcro to the structure: you can easily remove it to clean it.

For this price, The Refined Feline will deliver the precious item to you anywhere in the United States and install it for you.

Please note: this ultra premium item is only available in limited quantities. Exclusivity at a price!

Dimensions: 20″ x 20″ x 69″ h.

Lotus Cat Tower by The Refined Feline

Lotus Cat Tower by The Refined Feline

Lotus Cat Tower by The Refined Feline

Check Price on The Refined Feline

In a much more reasonable price range, The Refined Feline also offers the Lotus Cat Tower.

Made of plywood and covered with an oak veneer, this tower, with a height of around 6 feet, is a very successful design, both simple and elegant. It can be integrated into any classic or modern interior.

Your cat can either climb the length of the tower or hide in the small niche which occupies the base.

Several cats can enjoy this large cat tree together.

The scratching posts are attached with Velcro: they are therefore easily detachable.

The cushions inside the niche are machine washable.

So that the tower is stable, floor levelers as well as support bars are included.

The 8 “X22” platforms are resistant to a weight of up to 50 lbs. They are replaceable when needed.

And if your cat is dizzy, the Lotus Cat Tower is also available in a version that is only 4 feet tall (Little Lotus).

Small problem: you will have to assemble it yourself, but The Refined Feline has provided an animated guide to guide you step by step.

Finally, this premium luxury cat tree is available in 4 colors: Espresso, Mahogany, Smoke, and White (in a limited edition of 50).

Dimensions: 20″ x 20″ d x 69″ h.

Cat Shelves by Cats Mode

Cat Shelves by Cats Mode

Cat Shelves by Cats Mode

Check Price on Cats Mode

This one is not a cat tree, strictly speaking. Rather, they are a series of wooden hexagons with openings through which your cat can pass to move from hexagon to hexagon.

What is interesting is that the structure is modular: you can choose the number of hexagons you want, from 1 to 6. The hexagons can be provided with windows (or not), and these windows can be decorated ( or not).

Two finishes are available: dark walnut or black.

Regarding window decorations, 5 different designs are available. These are not stickers: every design is printed on the acrylic window.

The hexagons are delivered disassembled: you will have to assemble them yourself. But rest assured: Cats Mode has provided a video (see below) which explains the procedure in detail.

For the price, count $ 89 for a single hexagon, and over $ 800 for the 6. Discounts may apply from time to time.

Dimensions: 16.5 x 14.2 inches.

Luxury Cat Tree with Replaceable Dangling Balls by Li-HIM

This cat tree is a real all in one: your cat can rest on the platforms, take refuge in the small shelter, climb the ladder, scratch on one of the many scratchers or have fun with the balls dangling.

The structure is made of quality particle board. The scratching posts are covered with natural sisal rope. Your cat will be able to satisfy its natural instinct to scratch without damaging your furniture!

If you have more than one cat, no problem: this cat tree is big enough to accommodate them.

And so that it doesn’t take up too much space, you can place the cat tree in a corner of your room.

Kitty Hollow Cat Tree by CatsPlay

Kitty Hollow Cat Tree by CatsPlay

Kitty Hollow Cat Tree by CatsPlay

Check Price on CatsPlay

This cat tree is… a tree! Constructed of solid wood (not plywood like most other cat trees), it even includes a “secret entrance” at the back.

Cats can easily climb all the way up through the inside of the trunk as the shelves overhang inward, giving them a foothold.

Each piece is made to order, following customer selectable options like scratching surfaces or little catnip filled mice to hang down for your favorite feline to play with.

The scratching posts are made with 100% natural sisal rope and without any product that could be dangerous for kitty.

Each piece is handmade in the United States, California (Santa Cruz).

Note: there is also a smaller (33 “) and larger (63”) version, with 2 and 4 levels respectively.

Dimensions: 20″ x 20″ x 48″ h.

Spiral Cat Staircase Tree by CatsPlay

Spiral Cat Staircase Tree by CatsPlay

Spiral Cat Staircase Tree by CatsPlay

Check Price on CatsPlay

This little gem represents the top of the range from CatsPlay. It is no more and no less… a staircase!

It is composed of a stainless steel support, to ensure perfect stability, even when kitty runs on the stairs at full speed.

The 16 steps are made of birch covered with an aluminum trim. They are arranged in a spiral and rise to a height of 811/2 “.

At the top of the central pillar, screws, located on the last step, allow the Spiral Cat Staircase Tree to be attached to the wall for good support.

Optionally, burlap scratching posts will allow your cat to scratch after a good workout!

Cats love to get up high in order to dominate their little world. There is no doubt that this perch will give them complete satisfaction!

Granted, the price is a bit steep, but you can pay in installments free of charge with PayPal.

Last point: delivery is free.

Luxury Cat Trees: Spiral Cat Staircase Tree by CatsPlay

Luxury Cat Trees: Spiral Cat Staircase Tree by CatsPlay

Deluxe Sisal Climbing Pole by Catastrophic Creations

Deluxe Sisal Climbing Pole by Catastrophic Creations

Deluxe Sisal Climbing Pole by Catastrophic Creations

Check Price on Catastrophic Creations

This cat tree is specially designed to satisfy cats’ need for scratching. It is a natural need that is necessary for their good health.

Shelves are attached to the pole to allow them to climb to the very top. You can add shelves (sold in packs of 2) and even rotate them to create a different path each time and one that your cat will never get tired of.

This Sisal Pole is designed to be fixed to the wall. You can place it high (but not too high) so that the cat can get some exercise to climb it! Useful if you don’t have a lot of room at home. The fixing points are hidden, so as not to spoil the clean design of the object.

The cat tree is made from bamboo, which is a very solid wood, which allows for a fine and elegant design.

Each shelf can support a weight up to 85 lbs.

The Sisal Pole is available in 3 finishes: English chestnut bamboo, Natural bamboo or Onyx bamboo.

It is also available in 3 different heights: 2, 3 or 4 levels.


  • 11″ x 15″ x 30″ h.
  • 11″ x 26″ x 44″ h.
  • 11″ x 26″ x 58″ h.

Deluxe Cat Fort by Catastrophic Creations

Deluxe Cat Fort by Catastrophic Creations

Deluxe Cat Fort by Catastrophic Creations

Check Price on Catastrophic Creations

Here, Catastrophic Creations no longer offers us a simple cat tree, but a whole course, which could be suitable for 2 or even 3 cats.

The cats can enter through the access ramp and go up through the Escape Hatch, or go down from the high platform.

A Sisal Pole is included, so that our four-legged friends can claw their way up.

Like all Catastrophic Creations products, the Deluxe Fort is made of bamboo wood, which is very resistant and allows for a very fine design.

The Deluxe Cat Fort is designed to be solidly fixed to the wall, to save space and to integrate harmoniously with the design of the room in which it is placed. It is a bit like a painting hanging on the wall… A living and meowing painting, of course!

Shelves can support up to 85 lbs, while hammocks can support up to 62 lbs.

3 colors are available for the wood pieces: English chestnut bamboo, natural bamboo or Onyx bamboo. For the fabric pieces (machine washable on a gentle cycle), you can choose between 2 colors, natural canva or charcoal gray canva.

Of course, you will have to assemble the cat fort yourself, but detailed and illustrated instructions are provided by the manufacturer.

This installation is ideal if you have several cats and have territorial problems, as it provides extra space for them in height. And this Deluxe Cat Fort is a real eye-catcher!

Dimensions: 41.5″ x 11″ x 61″ h.

Three-Level Elevated Luxury Cat Tree Condo by PetPals

PetPals Three-Level Elevated Cat Tree Condo with Massage & Particle Board, Grey
216 Reviews
PetPals Three-Level Elevated Cat Tree Condo with Massage & Particle Board, Grey
  • everything your cat needs: featuring a large cushioned cat bed, a spacious house for your kitties with...
  • the ultimate activity center: although the extra-large cat tree condo gives your cat plenty of room to...
  • sturdy and safe: the large cat tree is incredibly well balanced and stable, so your cats can climb or...
  • soft and comfortable: the cat perch bed and the cat house are covered in ultra-soft fleece that is...
  • trendy and easy to install: our large cat condo is simple to install and comes with a detailed list of...

This cat tree is probably the most complete of this comparison: it includes a small house, spacious enough for your cat to feel comfortable, a padded bed to take a nap, a perfect platform to relax, as well as a scratching post, a massage arch for your cat to self-massage and a small hanging toy for long minutes of fun.

Its wide base gives it stability in any situation. Up to 3 cats will be able to frolic happily without fear that it will tip over.

The cat tree is made of materials that are non-toxic for your cat. The scratching posts are covered with natural sisal rope that will allow your companion to make his claws without danger (for him as well as for your furniture!).

The cat bed and the cat house are covered with an ultra-soft fleece, so your cat likes to rub against it.

Its light gray and brown tones will allow it to fit into your home’s decoration without detonating (unless you have very special tastes in interior decoration…).

In a word, this cat condo is the ultimate activity center!

Dimensions: 18.5″  x 15.9″ x 10.2″ h.

48″ Luxe Modern Cat Tree Condo by Majestic Pet

Luxe Modern Cat Tree by Majestic Pet

Luxe Modern Cat Tree by Majestic Pet

Check Price on Majestic Pet

Majestic Pet is a company based in Irvine, California. Its history dates back to 1994. They started by producing collars and leashes for dogs, before expanding their range to many innovative products around pets.

With this modernly finished cat tree, you won’t have to worry about your furniture anymore! It is large enough for your cat to let off steam.

It is equipped with several scratching posts covered with sisal rope and 4 platforms so that it can rest in peace. On the top, the repository is covered with a soft material, perfect for long kitty naps!

A small toy made of sisal will allow him to occupy himself and work his reflexes.

The design of this wooden cat tree is modern and will not mismatch in your interior.

Dimensions: 23″ x 16.5″ x 48″ h.

Casita Cat Tree 73″ by Majestic Pet

Casita Cat Tree by Majestic Pet

Casita Cat Tree by Majestic Pet

Check Price on Majestic Pet

This one is not a cat tree but a real center of activities! This giant cat tree includes two small houses, a nest, a ladder, a ramp, two headlands and a small toy mouse.

It is covered with soft touch faux fur. The scratching posts are made of sisal rope, a natural material that is safe for cats.

This luxury cat tree is ideal if you have several cats: each one will easily find its place without getting in the way.

If your cat likes to be perched high up, he will be happy: the tree is 73 inches high!

It is to be assembled yourself using the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Dimensions: 38″ x 36″ x 73″ h.

Tree House Tower by On2Pets

On2 Pets Cat Tree with Leaves Made in USA, Cat House & Cat Activity Tree, Multi-Level Cat Condo for Indoor Cats
6,602 Reviews
On2 Pets Cat Tree with Leaves Made in USA, Cat House & Cat Activity Tree, Multi-Level Cat Condo for Indoor Cats
  • Made with love and care in the USA. We utilize a combination of state-of-the-art CNC machines and the...
  • Cat condo designed for cats up to 32 pounds in weight. Easy to assemble cat furniture in less than 15...
  • Our trees offer different areas of exploration and different materials to engage all of your cat’s...
  • An indoor cat climbing tree featuring sturdy construction and high-quality materials, all components used...
  • Every detail makes this contemporary piece fit into the aesthetic of your home while giving your cat...

Another cat tree that looks like a real tree. This one is particularly realistic and very well finished.

Made of wood, it will be perfect to satisfy cats’ instinctive need to hide in nature. Ideal if you are in an apartment and cannot afford to let your cat out.

The tree supports up to 32 lbs and can therefore accommodate several cats at the same time.

The base is covered with synthetic grass for even more realism, and offers a surface where your cat can scratch.

It is available in 3 versions:

  • Medium: square base, 2 carpeted poles
  • Large Round: round base, 3 carpeted perches
  • Large Square: square base, 3 carpeted poles

In order to match the seasons, 4 colors are available: Green, Fall, Plum and Summer.

You will have to assemble it yourself, but assembly takes no more than 15 minutes, and no tools are required.

Dimensions: 26″ x 26″ x 60″ h.

Luxury Cat Trees: Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It So Important to Have a Cat Tree?

The cat tree, with its platforms and scratching surfaces, allows them to meet their climbing needs elsewhere than on your furniture and shelves. It stimulates their instincts of hunter and observer. If cats living outdoors can do without it, it is an essential accessory for indoor felines.

A cat tree also allows the feline to scratch. Scratching is a way for your cat to visually communicate through the clearly visible marks it leaves after scratching a material. His scratches are near his isolation field, which is where he usually rests.

Making its claws allows a cat to maintain them on a daily basis: They will thus be cut and filed naturally.

What Is the Ideal Height for a Cat Tree?

It is above all important that the cat tree offers a good height, at least 1 meter.

The size of the hat tree also depends on the age of your cat:

Young cats, dynamic, prefer tall trees, on which they can climb and let off steam. In this case, prefer scratching trees of around 1 meter with platforms.

For an older cat, who would find it more difficult to move around, we recommend that you acquire a cat tree that is 14 to 28 inches tall.

Stability is also essential: so remember to test it before buying your cat’s tree, and make sure that the platforms are wide enough to accommodate your four-legged friend (s).

Prefer a tree that acts as a scratching post and offers the cat a cozy place to hide. The more the cat tree will offer hiding places and surfaces to climb, the more your feline will be satisfied!

Also, make the trunk that your cat will scratch at is large enough for him to fully lie down. Allow 4 inches more than the size of your stretched cat.

Where Do I Install my Cat Tree?

Where you are going to place your cat tree is of the utmost importance. Preferably place it near a window, so that the cat can watch what is going on outside (cats love to observe the surroundings, this occupation alone can occupy a good part of their waking time).

Place the cat tree in a place where your cat can watch what’s going on in the house or apartment and keep an eye on its owners! This is also why cats like to stand high…

In general, cats like to claw and stretch right after waking up. This is why we recommend that you place your scratching post near where he likes to sleep but also near the objects on which he likes to scratch.

What Materials to Choose for my Luxury Cat Tree?

If you want your purchase to last for several years, choose quality materials like wood.

Cardboard scrapers have the advantage of being lightweight and very popular with our cats.

Most cat trees are covered with vegetable fiber, most of the time sisal, a strong and resistant material.

Cat in a Tree Photo by StockSnap from Pixabay

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12 Luxury Cat Trees for Ultra-Spoiled Furballs

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