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It’s no secret that cats are heavy sleepers. In fact, cats sleep an average of 16 hours a day! That is to say that this activity occupies two thirds of its life.

And as you may have noticed, cats pay special attention to the place they choose to sleep. This place must be comfortable and the cat must feel comfortable there.

Cat accessory manufacturers have understood this. That’s why they invented the marshmallow cat bed. This bed, which looks more like a footstool than a bed, offers them all the softness and comfort they desire.

Here is a selection of the best marshmallow cat beds.

Neekor Marshmallow Cat Bed

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Cat Sleeping

With marshmallow cat beds, cats feel safe and secure when they’re sleeping.

This bed covered with fake synthetic fur will form a real little nest around your cat. He will feel comfortable and safe.

The texture is soft and your cat won’t be able to stop pawing again and again. The plush is 4 cm long to create a really comfortable and soft environment for your furry friend.

The bed is equipped with a non-slip surface underneath to keep it securely in place.

It is water resistant. So you can place it near its water bowl, you won’t be afraid if it accidentally spills it (cats are sometimes clumsy!).

For maintenance, no problem: this marshmallow bed is designed to be machine washed. You can even put it in your dryer without any problem. It will regain its soft shape in a few hours after washing.

This bed exists in 3 different sizes, for cats (or dogs) weighing from 9 lb. to 31 lb.

Bodiseint Modern Soft Plush Round Pet Bed for Cats and Small Dogs

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This very comfortable cat bed really looks like a marshmallow texture! On the outside, it is made of synthetic fur, while the inside is made of recycled polyester fiber.

Because of its dimensions, it is suitable for both cats and dogs. Practical if you have several pets at home (be careful that the cat does not take over the bed by itself!).

The bed is available in 2 different sizes (S and M). We recommend size M if you have a dog (up to 25 lbs.).

The underside of the bed is water resistant. It is also non-skid, so it will hold firmly in place on any type of surface.

The only drawback is that the cover is not removable, which can be practical for washing. So a tip: after washing in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, put the bed directly in the tumble dryer. Do not dry the bed in the open air, as this may cause the fake fur to get tangled.

This is really one of the best beds in our selection. Moreover, this marshmallow cat bed is available in 8 colors: champagne, chocolate, coffee, dark grey, hot pink, light grey, pink and white.

Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Dog Bed

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This bed was rather designed for dogs, but can be perfectly suitable for your cat. In fact, it is number 1 in cat bed sales on Amazon.

This doughnut-shaped bed will be perfect for all the quiet moments of your beloved feline.

Its generous 23 inches diameter will be perfect for any cat, even a small dog.

The bed is also available in 4 different sizes, up to 45X45 lbs. From the small cat to the big dog, everyone will find what he or she is looking for!

Of course, this bed is made with materials that are totally safe for your pet: durable nylon and high quality faux fur will make your pet feel safe. The underside of the bed is resistant to water and dirt. No need to worry if your pet is a bit clumsy!

The bed is machine washable (low temperature and on a delicate cycle). It can also be tumble dried. Do not air dry.

This bed is available in 2 colors: frost and taupe.

AmazinglyCat Marshmallow Cat & Small Dog Bed

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This bed is sure to catch your cat’s eye thanks to its rainbow of shimmering colors!

Its circular shape and generous padding will surround your furry animal and make him feel comfortable and evacuate his stress.

Your favorite pet will be able to romp around in comfort thanks to its non-slip surface. The bed won’t move an inch, even if your cat plays and gets agitated.

Its size of 23 lbs. will fit a cat as well as a small dog (but not a German Shepherd!).

As for washing, it couldn’t be easier: put it directly in the washing machine, on a delicate cycle. You can dry it in the dryer or in the open air.

The icing on the cake: the bed is delivered with an antistatic blanket with a nice star decoration (20X14 inches in size).

The price is a little higher than a standard bed, but it’s the price of quality and originality! Surely one of the best marshmallow cat beds in this selection.

Qucey Dog and Cat Bed

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This circular shaped bed is made of high quality cotton and plush. The very soft feel will give your cat an unparalleled feeling of comfort.

The raised edges will make him feel safe and secure. He will be able to rest his head on the edges and relieve his neck muscles.

The bed is machine washable (gentle cycle). It is available in one size (23″*23″*7.9″) and is suitable for cats and small dogs (up to 25 lbs.) and in 2 colors: beige and light grey.

The underside of the bed is made with a non-slip surface, so it won’t move even if your pet is moving around!

The price of this bed is also very reasonable: less than 20 dollars, while most other beds are around 30 dollars. A good value for money!

Kama Bridal Calming Marshmallow Cat Bed

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If you like the rainbow color but can’t afford the bed marketed by AmazinglyCat, the Kama Bridal bed is a good alternative. It costs almost half the price, and it has cat ears!

It is available in 4 sizes: 16″, 20″, 23″ and 27″. From the small cat to the small dog…

It is covered with long and soft plush, while the inside is lined with cotton. It is waterproof and can therefore be easily washed in the washing machine. On the drying side, prefer the tumble dryer rather than air drying.

It is equipped with a non-slip underside, like most of the beds of this comparison. So you can use it inside as well as outside.

Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler Cat Bed

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The peculiarity of this bed is that the edges are not all at the same height. At the back, they are very high, so that your cat feels safe, while on the sides and front, they are a little lower so that he can rest his head.

It is covered with a very soft sherpa material, “reminiscent of a mothers fur” according to the manufacturer, in order to give him a better quality sleep.

The underside of the bed is made of a strong nylon-based material, which will resist dirt and dust as well as splashes of water.

The maintenance side of the bed is very simple: you can either vacuum it, or do a real machine wash (gentle cycle) and then tumble dry (low temperature).

The dimensions of this bed are ideal for animals weighing between 10 and 20 pounds, but if your 25-pound cat likes to snuggle up warm when he sleeps, the bed will suit him as well.

Finally, this bed is available in 6 colors: fuschia, pink, brown, black, beige and teal.

Vivi Bear Marshmallow Cat Bed

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This doughnut-shaped bed looks really cozy! It will form a small nest around your cat, so that he will be comfortable and can curl up safely.

Its soft cotton cover will take care of your cat and its raised edges will give it a feeling of security. Everything is done to ensure a quick and restful sleep for your four-legged friend!

The bed is resistant to mildew and dust. It has a non-slip bottom.

You can put the bed in the washing machine without fear: it will regain its fluffy appearance after being dried in the tumble dryer.

This marshmallow cat bed is available in 4 sizes: S (50 cm), M (60 cm), L (70 cm) and XL (80 cm).

6 different colors are also available: blue, khaki, colorful, pale yellow, powder white and purple.

Marshmallow Cat Beds: The Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this selection of marshamllow cat beds. Do not hesitate to let me know if I forgot to mention a model that you find interesting.
And then, you can simply give me your opinion by leaving me a small comment!

Cat Photo by Thomas B. from Pixabay

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