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Petmaker Cat Tree and Scratching Post Review

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White Cat Scratching

Having animals like cats in our houses have become customary. And, if you’re like me, you’ll indeed consider them a part of your family.

Like your babies, these small animals like kittens, need some necessities.

As you know, the most common urge of your cat is scratching by nature.

This article on the Petmaker cat tree and scratching post will allow you to get information about this basic necessity.

Why Do Cats Scratch Furniture?

Let’s figure out the cause and importance of scratching. I’ll not dig at it but will present you with some crucial points.

The scratching habit of your cat helps in sharpening nails. And, it also helps in exercising her body parts.

Cats do scratch during playing, and it also helps in their proper growth because of the movement of all body parts.

By keeping in mind all merits of scratching, it is essential to provide them an appropriate place like a Petmaker cat condo for scratching.

Otherwise, your furniture will prove a victim, and your cat will surely end up scratching by wrecking it completely.

So, the scratching mats and posts are beneficial both for cats and cat owners.

There are different types of cat scratchers in the market. Some of them are for tall cats too.

In order to provide you the best and cute scratching posts, even for older cats, I’ve concluded that this Petmaker Cat Tree Condo is a perfect match for you.

Now, let’s dive into the main topic.

Design of the Petmaker Cat Tree and Scratching Post

This cute cat scratcher tree condo has 3 large scratching posts.

Each of them has a different color scheme or design that is perfect for enhancing the engagement and interest of the cats all the time.

Another benefit of this cat tree is that if you have more than one cat in your home, then you don’t need to buy separate cat-scratchers for them.

With its advanced style, it serves the function of 3 cat scratchers individually.

Most of the time, cats lose interest in cat scratcher or become habitual of the same one.

In fact, the Petmaker cat tree and scratching post with hanging toys, including a fluffy mouse and 2 sisal-built balls, will attract your frisky felines for hours of entertainment.

Further, each toy on this scratching post allows cats to be active and energetic.

This cat-scratcher entertains kittens and adult cats through multiple playing levels and makes it both useful and amusing!

In addition to the above factor, all 3 poles in this small cat-scratcher have different colors: natural brown, tan, and cream, respectively.

Each pole is covered with 100% polyester and sisal rope that provides maximum comfort to your cats. And this modern design moonlights your house by acting as an art piece.

Moreover, the sturdy carpet base provides a horizontal scratcher mat for your cat, and it helps her in crawling and playing on this smooth and soft mat.

And act as a soft and cozy condo for the kitty to rest after a long day of play.

The upper-deck perch has a velvety edge lining that allows your tall cats to jump or also sit on the cat-scratcher.

The height of the cat-scratcher is a very crucial factor. And again, at this factor, the Petmaker cat scratching post wins all the points by providing well-heightened poles of 19.25 inches.

Petmaker Cat Tree and Scratching Post in action – Source:

Durability of the Petmaker Cat Tree

From all of this knowledge, you’ll convince a little bit, and now your main concern will be durability. So, when I talk about its durability, it is superb!

That quality scratching post or cat condo from Petmaker is constructed with sturdy rope material. Its safe and functional vertical design provides an ideal way for kitties to scratch.

It, indirectly, protects your couch and other furniture!

Usually, cat-scratchers with sisal rope as manufacturing material are expensive because of their modern design and durable nature.

But this best scratching post for cats has an affordable cost with a highly efficient design and features.

But in case it seems costly to you, remember that these few dollars that you’ll spend now will pay you back in the form of happy cats and an established house.

There are many reasons behind choosing and presenting it as the best scratching post for cats.

The first one is its pocket-friendly cost and the second one is its beautiful design.

In most cases, the cat-scratchers appear as additional stuff and reduce the lavish look of your house.

But this cute Petmaker cat scratching post has solved all of these issues with its compelling design.

Things You Should Keep in Mind when Buying the Petmaker Cat Tree

While buying any cat scratcher, you should keep in mind these few points that will worth your money.

Different Kinds of Scratchers

There are different kinds of cat-scratcher in the market. And because of the diversity of shapes, they are in circular, rectangular, and square forms.

Further, some are horizontal, and some verticals.

Before selecting any cat-scratcher for your cat either it’s a mat or post, make sure that you’re choosing it according to your cat’s behavior.

Length of the Cat Scratcher

It is the most critical factor that you should consider while buying. The cat-scratcher’s length should be high so that your cat can use it for a long time.

Further, the tall cat scratching post helps your cat enjoy scratching to her fill because of enough space availability.

The Cost of a Cat Scratcher

The cost of the cat-scratcher directly depends on its quality.

If you’re looking for a cat scratcher that will last longer and look lovely in your home, you’ve to choose a cat-scratcher made of Sisal.

It will be a bit expensive for you but worth considering because of its features.

Otherwise, you can select other carpeted cat-scratchers that are cheaper and play almost the same role but have minimum durability.

Stability of the Cat Scratcher

Another main factor that makes a cat-scratcher the best is its stability. Didn’t understand?? No problem, I’ll explain.

Most cat scratchers are too light weighted that they often fell when cats used them to play.

So, make sure that your selected cat scratcher posts are most stable on the ground and don’t fell while playing.

How Many Cat Scratchers Do You Need?

Most people feel confused about the number of cat scratchers they should place at home.

Usually, according to the recommendations, placing a cat scratcher in every room is a great choice.

By doing this, your cat will easily find it for scratching instead of using your sofa and chairs’ legs.

Petmaker Cat Tree and Scratching Post: The Conclusion

Well that’s it for this time! I hope you enjoyed the Petmaker cat tree and scratching post review and that it helped you get an idea of what to expect from a durable and sturdy cat scratching post.

Cat Scratching Photo by Daga_Roszkowska from Pixabay

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