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The Siamese Lynx Point Cat: A Detailed Guide

Siamese Lynx Point Cat

Cats are considered one of the most favourite pet animals for most people around us as they can be friendly, cute and fluffy and can be full of attitude and lazy at the same time.

Cats are not only known for their cuteness and playful nature, but these precious pets are also known for providing substantial emotional support to the owners when they are phasing through a rough period.

All pet lovers know that every breed of cats has its charms and different personalities. So when adopting or buying a cat for yourself, you need to make sure which type of cat you need and its characteristics.

So here in this article, we will let you know the characteristics of one of the most favourite cats known as the Siamese lynx point.

Origin of the Siamese Lynx Point Breed

The original Siamese breed belonged to Thailand and was known as domestic cats back then.

On the other hand, this popular Siamese lynx point is a breed made by humans with a cross between tabby and seal point cat; the kitten was then again crossed with another seal point, resulting in the first Siamese lynx point.

These Siamese lynx points are known with different names such as colorpoint shorthairs, lynx point, and tabby point, so naming these cats can be confusing as they are known with a different name in different countries.

Physical Characteristics of the Siamese Lynx Point

These lynx points cats have gained this much popularity, not without reason but because of their graceful body. These cats have a medium built body with a slim appearance.

They can weigh between 8-12 pounds with small round paws. However, the size and weight may differ if you are looking to buy a female Siamese lynx point.

These cats have stripes all along with their eyes, cheeks and legs and most of all, their tails, which have the various color of rings, and as the cat ages, the stripes and circles will darken.

The Siamese lynx point cats can be seen in a variety of colors: cinnamon, caramel, red, and apricot, and if you are lucky enough, you may also be able to see rare shades such as chocolate, blue, lilac, and seal color.

These precious lynx cats have an “M” shaped stripes visible on their forehead, and the color of the stripes can also be seen highlighted around their ears.

Personality of the Siamese Lynx Point

Along with their graceful body, these cats have a fantastic personality. They are one of the most loyal cats. They love to play with their owners and are very intelligent.

The Siamese lynx point is one of the cat breeds who is very social. These cats can get along with everyone who gives them attention throughout the day, including other pets. These cats love seeking attention even if they have to hover around you.

Once they are emotionally attached to you, they will never let you feel lonely. These cats are quite talkative and will try to tell you all about their day-to-day routine and their thoughts. Some owners find it unique, others think it is a bit annoying, but it is a part of their personality. Although this point may surprise you if you are a pet lover as most cats don’t bother being involved this much with their owners, this makes the Siamese lynx point special.

These cats have curiosity in their nature, and because of that, they are ready to poke their nose in every conversation you have.

They can easily be trained because of their high level of intelligence, and because of their high intelligence, many owners don’t feel the need to pet-proof their homes.

The Difference Between the Regular Siamese Cat and the Siamese Lynx Point

The difference between lynx point Siamese and regular Siamese is not much. The body structure is almost the same, but the only physical difference these cats have is the stripes and patterns on their body. The domestic or traditional Siamese can mostly be seen in a fawn or cream body with dark brown ears, tails and legs.

And the other main difference between Siamese and lynx points is that the lynx point is a human-made breed and its nature. The nature of the regular Siamese is different from the lynx point. The domestic Siamese are known to be very talkative, and because of that, they have nature, which is very annoying for most of the people as these cats can’t stop meowing throughout the day and on the other hand, lynx point is way more relaxed and calm type of cat.

Teddy, a Siamese Lynx Point Cat posing for the camera – Source: FlickrCC BY 2.0

Average Life Span of the Siamese Lynx Point

The average lifespan of the traditional Siamese cats is 10-13 years long as per the Swedish insurance data. But with better care, your traditional Siamese may have a chance to live a longer life.

However, this is not the case for the Siamese lynx point cat, as studies show these mixed cat breeds can live a longer and healthier life compared to the traditional Siamese. Because of the change in their genes, these cats can fight any genetic disease that otherwise would harm them.

The Siamese lynx point cats can live anywhere between 15-20 years, but with the proper care, these cats can live up to 20 years, which is longer than any other cat breed.

Do Siamese Lynx Point Cat Shed?

Most of us prefer short hair cats as compared to the long hair breeds because of the continuous shedding; however, this is not the case with these Siamese lynx cats.

The Siamese lynx point cat is a short hair cat. These cats don’t shed as much as the other cats, so grooming them won’t feel a problem.

Because of their short hair and easy grooming, these cats are considered as a low maintenance cat.

Are Siamese Lynx Point Cats Hypoallergenic?

No cat is entirely hypoallergenic, but if you are in a search for one, then Siamese lynx cats can be considered the best choice. As most of the hypoallergenic cats you see are descended from the Siamese breeds, it is for sure that the Siamese lynx itself can also be known as hypoallergenic their short hairs.

If you are allergic, you should avoid any cats because no allergy can be fully controlled. The main reason behind many allergies is their saliva and urine.

Siamese Lynx Point Cat by Sammi Doll – Source: FlickrCC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Is It Better to Have One or Two Siamese Lynx Point Cats?

Most cat breeds tend to be happier if they are kept alone, but this is not the case for the lynx point; these cats start to feel lonely and depressed without a buddy because of their loving and attention-seeking nature. Therefore you should bring them in pairs.

If you are thinking of bringing a buddy for you Siamese lynx point other than a cat, don’t worry as you already know these cats have a loving nature, so they can get along with any of the pets you are looking to adopt or buy for your home. They just need a buddy by their side with whom they can play and wear off the extra energy they have stored in their body.

How Much Does a Siamese Lynx Point Cost?

The cost of the Siamese lynx point depends on multiple factors. However, the price is relatively high for this exquisite animal. Once you start searching for lynx point Siamese, you come across various breeders and sellers.

Most of the expenses are in the area of getting your cat vaccinated and microchipped. Hence, if the cat has been vaccinated and microchipped, the price is between $500 – $800. As for a cat that has not been vaccinated or microchipped, you can expect a price tag of $200 – $400.

Another factor that plays a significant role in the price is the origin. Multiple Siamese lynx point cats are available out there, which will, on average, set you back from between $500 – $900.

However, a cat with a premium and exquisite origin, you can expect the price to be anywhere between $900 – $2,000.


This guide is for people looking to get themselves into getting a new Siamese lynx point or maybe looking for additional information on it. Siamese lynx point is a premium cat by every standard. In this guide, we have presented you with every fact about the siamese cat. From the origin of these furry animals to the cost, we have covered everything.

Reading this guide will not only give you an in-depth view of these cats but also tell you about their personality, their traits, their needs, and the problems they face in their life.

For people looking to get a Siamese lynx point, we have also explained if getting one Siamese lynx point is better than buying two simultaneously.

Some people want to get something that will be their best friend and not leave their side for a long time.

We have explained the lifespan of these cats along with the allergies these furry friends go through for these people. Here is a complete guide with answers for everyone who wants information on the Siamese lynx point.

What do you think about our guide?

What are some issues you want us to write about?

Siamese Lynx Point Cat Photo by Anita S. from Pixabay

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