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7 Teething Toys for Kittens: Give your Kitten a Healthy Dentition

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Teething Toys for Kittens

Cats naturally like to bite and chew (and lick too!). That’s why you must invest in teething toys for kittens.

Like humans, cats have 2 types of dentition (a temporary and a permanent dentition).

Putting the teeth in place is a milestone in your kitten’s development, which generally begins around 2-3 weeks and ends around 6 months.

During the juvenile period, the puppy as well as the kitten will chew many objects. This practice is above all a game, but it also helps the teeth to fall out.

In order to preserve your furniture, the use of biting toys becomes necessary.

However, you’ll have to be vigilant about the resistance of these games to avoid any risk of ingestion or injury to your companion.

Here’s a selection of the best teething toys for kittens to give your furry friend long hours of dental relaxation!

Petstages Catnip & Dental Health Cat Toys

This great little toy has an additional fixing which makes certain to keep your feline returning for additional: catnip!

Catnip is totally OK to use for little cats, albeit a few proprietors will find that they won’t respond to it until they are around 12 weeks old.

Utilizing the item before this age won’t cause any damage, however numerous youthful kitties basically disregard the smell.

When they are mature enough, numerous kitties will adore the alluring smell of catnip, even while traveling.

As each catlike’s response to catnip is extraordinary, it is difficult to anticipate what precisely the impact will be. A few felines appear to have no response to catnip, while others will move around and get ‘spacey’. For some, it causes unwinding, while for other people, they can get hyper sensitive.

The best way to find how your kitty will respond is to give it a shot!

The thin stick shape is perfect for little jaws to get around and the rope material is delicate, yet firm enough to rub achey gums and teeth.

Arriving in a pack of three, this is ideal for litters of little cats or for proprietors who like to have back-ups in the pantry in the event that one disappears.

At just 4 inches in length, these are a minimized little toy that are little enough for little paws to grasp on to and hold set up.

They are dazzling and lightweight so can be hefted around the house and taken to your kitty’s bed or their preferred concealing spot for some private bite time.

Not surprisingly, this is a standout amongst other appraised toys for getting teeth little cats accessible and is a success with proprietors around the globe.

Why not give this teething toys for kittens a shot for yourself?

Teething Toys for Kittens: Petstages Dental Kitty Chew Wheel

This chew ring will offer long periods of amusement, as we as a whole realize exactly how much cats love moving articles.

The little spokes on the wheel are the ideal size for youthful cats, and the material is delicate enough that it won’t cause distress, yet firm enough to give not too bad alleviation from tooth throb.

The vivid blue and green texture decorations offer an option in contrast to the ring to bite on and are more delicate and fragile than the elastic ring; ideal for times when your kitty feline’s gums have truly erupted.

This excellent item from Petstages has been intended to last and to offer unlimited long periods of biting pleasure.

As the elastic of this item has some provide for it, it is significant that proprietors comprehend this is certainly not a reasonable item for bigger little cats or felines who might have the option to puncture the elastic.

This toy is rather intended for cats in their first phases of getting teeth.

Proprietors ought to consistently manage their kitty when utilizing this item.

In the event that the item is punctured or harmed it ought to be changed quickly with a toy more fit to bigger cats.

One especially pleasant component of this item is even the littlest kitty thinks that its simple to grasp on to it with their paws and hold it set up while they bite away happily.

In this way, in the event that you are searching for a direct and moderate toy for your young cat that will take care of business, look no further.

Petstages Catnip Chew Mice

Petstages Catnip Chew Mice – Source:

The mice are explicitly intended for general dental consideration for your catlike companions. On the off chance that your vet has referenced any type of development or tartar in your kitty then these may be the correct decision!

The structure is very interesting in that it has an extraordinary net around the outside that is extra solid and won’t disentangle when bitten on.

Explicitly intended to help expel tartar and improve dental wellbeing for your kitty.

The net assists act with enjoying floss between your felines teeth to evacuate gunk and stuck bits of food.

Likewise with most toys on this page it is loaded up with catnip to keep your kitty intrigued .

These mice are on the little side creation them incredible for cats to bat, convey and bite on.

These two things merit considering as you make your purchase decision: Similarly as with any catnip toy you may need to get some catnip shower to keep your felines intrigued in the event that they’ve been out some time.

And they aren’t refillable, yet the splash referenced above can help.

Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick

Does your feline have a bad breath? I truly can’t state I’ve at any point had an issue with my little felines having awful breath, yet does this make them smell minty new after they play with it!

In the event that you have an issue with terrible breath or simply need a superior smelling feline at that point try this out!

This toy is loaded up with sweet smelling mint to refresh your feline’s breath as she bites on it, mint is another fragrance that frequently pulls in felines.

Note there are no fillers inside this toy, it is carefully newly dried mint.

Similarly as with a few different toys by Petstages this comes completely furnished with their entirely solid netting that won’t unwind.

You’ll see this toy is fundamentally the same as the evening time sticks fit as a fiddle and size, it’ll additionally make a decent evening toy.

Remember this while you consider what’s best for your getting teeth cat.

It is a lot harder to locate a ‘mint’ splash for felines than catnip shower so you may need to rely upon catnip shower to keep up enthusiasm as the toy dries out.

Since the toy is generally slender by and large it can get effortlessly batted under sofas and seats where you feline won’t have the option to get to it.

Cat Toy Orca Wiggle Worm

This plastic toy is explicitly intended for your feline to bite on it like insane and not self-destruct rapidly.

The Wiggle Worm is made of non-harmful plastic and is implanted with catnip to get your little companion intrigued and connected with from the second you put it down!

Do remember this toy is a piece on the bigger side (6 inches in length) so on the off chance that you have an amazingly little cat it might be too enormous for them.

The material is intended to help rub your feline’s gums while it bites easing the agony from getting teeth.

It is somewhat floppy so as your feline hefts it around it will bob here and there a tad causing it to appear to be more similar.

It is injected with catnip to get your cat intrigued from the second it comes out of the bundle.

This toy has one key thing that you’ll need to remember when buying it for cats:

The size of the toy might be an issue for littler felines since it is 6+ inches long, yet as your felines grow up they ought to develop into utilizing it.

Cat Dancer Wand Toy

This wand toy isn’t explicitly intended for little cats, however it makes a phenomenal directed getting teeth toy. Cats love jumping on and assaulting whatever moves and wand toys are worked for it!

Wave this around a couple of times and let your cat bounce on it and it’ll be biting on it in now time. This wand is made to face heaps of misuse, even from grown-up felines. You’ll see that your little cat totally cherishes it as well.

The handle is very strong and adaptable for sure, you can nearly get your feline with on the off chance that they are hooked onto the end. You’d have a tough time breaking the handle.

The texture end is extra-long and furthermore unbelievably solid. This implies you can flick it everywhere and get it into tight to arrive at spots where your feline likes to stow away while playing.

Each feline I have endeavored to utilize this toy with has drawn in with it. Felines totally love it. They bounce for it, paw at it, jump on it. Anything you can consider and your feline is probably going to do it to get their paws on this wand.

This is one of the most moderate toys I’ve at any point purchased for my kitty, it was $3.49 when I bought it.

The texture is colored with colorfast color so it won’t drain in the event that you have to wash it after an all-inclusive number of play meetings.

This item is made in the USA! Continuously a pleasant reward to purchase an American item.

The all out wand and texture comes in at 65 inches. That is somewhat more than 5 feet for those of you that don’t like math.

The main con I can note on this wand toy is that it doesn’t make any commotion. For felines that like to draw in dependent on hearing plumes stir and so on you might need to investigate another alternative. The Jackson Galaxy Air Wand is a decent decision.

My felines love it when I flick the wand to and forth toward them then away from them rapidly. When they grasp it with their paws or their mouth I like to pull on it tenderly to keep the texture educated.

You can likewise drag it over the floor, particularly around corners where your feline is covering up.

Continuously watch out for your kitty while you’re playing. Despite the fact that the texture has demonstrated to stand up truly well in my experience there’s consistently the opportunity a piece could detach. You don’t need your feline eating texture.

Kong Kitten Kickeroo Cat Toy

In the event that you have a little cat that likes to show how huge and solid it is then this is the correct toy for you.

It is uncommonly intended for little cats to ‘murder’ after they jump on it. It is extra-long for rear leg kicking while they ‘go for the neck.’

Be that as it may, the extra advantage is that it has crease paper and catnip manufactured right in to keep your kitty’s consideration.

Worked in crease paper and catnip to construct and hold intrigue.

The additional length and commotion advances rear leg commitment for more exercise.

In the event that you have a littler cat you’ll need to remember this: it may be too huge for certain little cats to haul around or move around.

That’s all for this review of the best teething toys for kittens! Don’t hesitate to tell me your opinion in the comments below!

Features to Consider when Buying Teething Kitten Toys

Catnip or Not?

Many cat chew toys include catnip for mail carriers. Catnip catches the interest of our friends, but in addition, it has beneficial effects on sharp teeth and the general health of a cat.

Note that not all cats respond to catnip. In case your cat is responding to catnip, a catnip infused chew toy might be a fantastic idea.


We love our cats and their safety is our top priority. As a result, safety should be one of the essential characteristics to check when shopping for the best teething toys.

Chew toys give them the pleasure they deserve (not to mention healthy teeth and good dental hygiene!), but you have to be mindful of safety.

Although these toys are made with the safety of all our pets in mind, it is best to test them out and look for any substances or components that may harm your cat.

Watch for any edges as they could damage a cat’s mouth. Loose components and wires can be swallowed.


If you receive the right chew toy, your cat will likely play it a lot. The toy will suffer a lot from biting and chewing of the cat’s teeth, in addition to throwing and whipping the animal.

Therefore, one element that you need to consider in purchasing one is durability.

Can it survive despite extensive play? Is it high quality or made with low-quality materials? Can it be the best when it comes to sustainability?

If the answer is no, it’s just a waste of money to buy a toy, which can break or tear.

With this in mind, choose a toy that could withstand your cat’s chewing and play habits.

Layout and Materials

You should also think about the design and materials of the merchandise when purchasing chew toys for your pets.

Does your cat choose to chew? Is the cat picky about the feel of a toy? These are a few features that you should take into account.


Regarding the pricing of toys to our feline buddies, compare as with any pet merchandise on the market.

While worth every penny, most are easy to take along while some are more expensive than normal.

Cost is a big part of buying the chew toys your cats want. When you introduce a new chew toy and you still don’t know whether your cat will like it or not, then there would be a movement to decide on a more affordable one.

Dimensions and Weight

Many cat owners tend to ignore these variables when choosing the best chew toy for their cat.

From time to time the design and features become overwhelming, the dimensions and weight of a toy are not taken into account.

However, remember, these two features are as essential as others.

When you select a cat chew toy that is too big or too thick for the cat or kittens, it can cause more damage than good.

Bulky or large due to its age and size, a cat chew toy can be a burden for the furry friend or for pulling.

This could lead to damage for their teeth.

Biting Kitty Photo by Ada K from Pixabay

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