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Why Does my Cat Attack my Hair?

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Why Does my Cat Attack my Hair

In this article we will answer the question: “Why does my cat attack my hair?”.

Does your cat have a habit of licking your hair or even chewing it? Sometimes he even starts chewing your eyebrows or your beard?

Don’t worry, there’s nothing to worry about.

In fact, there are several reasons that may explain such behaviour.

Here are some of them!

To Show You his Affection

Cats in the same group have the habit of grooming each other in order to strengthen their bonds but also to ease tensions.

When they lick each other, they generally prefer the head and neck, since these are the two areas of the body that are the most difficult to reach when grooming.

So, if your cat licks your hair, especially during cuddling or when you’re lying down, it’s because he considers you as one of his closest allies and he wants you to understand that.

Moreover, by licking you in this way, he also mixes his scent with yours, which usually allows him to reinforce group cohesion.

Because He Likes the Taste of your Hair

We humans are used to put on our hair different types of products (shampoos, hairspray, masks…). However, some of them can be particularly fragrant and can be very attractive to cats.

So, if your cat is so attracted to your hair, it may simply be because he finds it tastes good!

Why Does my Cat Attack my Hair: To Play

If your cat has a tendency to chew your hair or even bite your scalp, it’s probably because he’s dying to play with you.

Especially if he’s a kitten! In that case, if you don’t want him to associate biting your hair with an invitation to play, ignore him.

Only once he’s out of your poor hair will you be able to start playing games with him. He’ll realize that biting your hair is not the way to get your attention.

Because He’s Sick

If your cat likes to tear your hair out and even swallow it, it may be because he suffers from pica. Pica is a behavioural disorder that causes the cat to eat non-food objects (stones, tissues…).

Stress, malnutrition, disease or too early weaning can be the cause of pica. In all cases, a visit to the veterinarian is necessary.

Because He Is Stressed

Much like the act of thumb sucking in humans, licking the owner’s hair can be a way for the cat to relieve stress. In this case, this behaviour can be observed occasionally.

The best thing to do is to create an environment that will reassure him, for example by placing familiar objects such as toys here and there and spending time with him.

You can also invest in pheromone-based products, which replicate the pheromones produced by cats when they are soothed.

However, if your cat behaves compulsively, a visit to the veterinarian is essential.

Cat Biting Photo by Tania Van den Berghen from Pixabay

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Why Does my Cat Attack my Hair

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