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Why Does my Cat Show Me his Belly?

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Why Does my Cat Show Me his Belly

What cat owner has never wondered what this sometimes annoying mania could mean? You’re in the middle of a cuddle session with your hairball when he suddenly turns his back on you and shows you his backside, or even intentionally puts it close to your face.

But why does my cat show me his belly? Here are some answers.

A Mark of Affection

Don’t worry, your cat has no sexual intentions. So, yes, this habit is embarrassing to say the least, but know that he does it for the simple and good reason that he loves you!

In fact, your cat shows you his buttocks to let you know that you are an important person to him.

When they are kittens, our four-legged companions have a special relationship with their mother. She grooms them, cuddles them and shows them affection.

When you pet your cat, it reminds him of this pleasant time.

In addition, cats have the habit of licking the anus of their young to help them evacuate their needs. Your cat doesn’t wait for you to do the same (he is now autonomous on the subject), but he has kept this instinct to show his buttocks in order to be cleaned when he is cuddled.

Why Does my Cat Show Me his Belly: A Way to Introduce Himself

As with dogs, cats can store a lot of information about each other by sniffing each other’s behind.

This allows them to know, among other things, the sex, age and state of health of the person facing them.

When your cat lifts his tail and shows you his butt, it proves that he trusts you enough to allow you to get to know his most intimate information.

Don’t get me wrong, he knows you won’t go sniffing around, but it’s a habit that’s ingrained in his behaviour. So don’t scold him.

Your Cat Remembers His Mommy’s Attention

As a kitten, his mother gave him a lot of attention. She groomed him all the time.

In his very first weeks, she also helped him to relieve himself by licking him everywhere.

Hundreds of other animals do the same. Your cat remembers all this care.

When you cuddle him, his kitten reflex comes back immediately and he turns his bottom.

He does it the same way he used to do it when his mother was taking care of him by making him relieve himself with this toilet.

You are like his mommy or daddy cat, you give him as much attention and that’s what reminds him of this kitten’s well-being.

It’s not only your caresses and attention that make your cat show his behind in front of you. Your cat can also do the same when it crosses paths with another cat, known or unknown.

Cat Who Loves his Belly Rubbed

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Pheromones for Communicating with Cats

When two cats meet, the exchange of smells is important in their communication. The famous pheromones exchanged are olfactory information.

We humans do not perceive these pheromones. On the other hand, we exchange our messages through speech, sight or smartphones.

With cats, as with so many other animals, pheromones are diffused through their mouths via a specific channel, the vomeronasal channel. They also diffuse on their flanks and their buttocks precisely.

When your cat turns its backside to you, it allows you to complete information.

The cats between them find this useful. We humans, in general, look away.

Why Does my Cat Show Me his Belly: What Can I Do to Limit this Behavior?

Of course your cat doesn’t realize that you find this direct view to his behind unpleasant.

If it bothers you a lot, I have this little trick for you. You pamper your cat as much as you want when he is facing you or on the side. As soon as he shows you his behind, you stop all caresses or kisses or flowery words. Nothing more.

And the moment your cat returns to another position, you continue to cuddle and cuddle.

By dint of repeating this trick, he will decrease his systematic butt exposures.

If your own cat shows his buttocks, don’t send me a picture, no thanks! But I invite you in the comments here to tell me if he does it often.

Blue-Eyed Cat Photo by Lukas Bieri from Pixabay

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Why Does my Cat Show Me his Belly

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