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A girl from Scotland who's in love with cats! I love to share tips on how to take care of our beloved furry friends.

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Smell is an essential sense for a cat’s survival. Used on a daily basis, it is used to communicate and perceive the information surrounding it. Inseparable from taste, this sense is particularly developed in felines, a little more than in dogs and up to 40…

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A large cat, the Ragdoll is a particularly calm, patient and docile animal. It is also characterized by a formidable adaptability that allows it to acclimatize to most lifestyles. However, he prefers calm and secure environments. Ragdolls are a relatively new breed, never aggressive and…

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When we think about training or educating an animal, the cat is not the one that comes immediately to mind. It is often said of our small felines that they are cute, but also too independent, even rebellious. And that, consequently, to train them proves…