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A girl from Scotland who's in love with cats! I love to share tips on how to take care of our beloved furry friends.

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Isn’t it sweet to look at your cat licking its paws during a sunny afternoon or merely enjoying it lie there on your porch. Everything seems to be excellent apart from that one day it’s showing some signs of sickness you can’t just figure out where it…

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In this article we will answer the question: “Why does my cat attack my hair?”. Does your cat have a habit of licking your hair or even chewing it? Sometimes he even starts chewing your eyebrows or your beard? Don’t worry, there’s nothing to worry…

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In most minds milk and cats just go together. This association of cats and milk can be found in many children’s books and movies, but it also exists in reality, because cats really love milk. One theory around this taste for milk in cats is…

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It’s a fact: Cats don’t like to travel by car… It is a source of stress for them. So it’s important to make their trip as pleasant as possible for them, and that means first and foremost choosing an adapted transport bag. Especially if you…