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4 Battery Operated Cat Water Fountains: Happy Drinking Cat!

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Battery Operated Cat Water Fountain

All living things need to feed as much as they need to hydrate. Drinking is very important for the well-being of the body. That’s why your cat also needs to drink water in order to stay hydrated.

However, there are times when he doesn’t want to lick water for whatever reason.

The battery operated cat water fountain is a solution for your cat to regain the pleasure of drinking enough water.

Find out everything you need to know about the cat water fountain and the best way to make an ideal choice for your cat through this buying guide.

iPettie Tritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain

This water fountain attracts by its general appearance. Its design has been conceived so that the water flows in a natural way.

The ripples formed by it invite your pet to drink from it.

The rounded shape of the unit makes it easy to use and can be easily dismantled for cleaning.

The fountain consists of a bowl, a simple pump, a lid and a filter container.

In addition, the manufacturer has chosen to use ceramic in its design for greater hygiene and convenience. It is a healthier material that is easy to clean unlike plastic.

With its charcoal filter, the water is cleaned of all impurities and other residues that may be harmful to your pet.

Depending on the number of pets that will use it, it would be recommended to change the filters at least twice a month.


  • All the parts that make up this ceramic cat water fountain are removable and can be easily assembled. This makes it easy to clean the fountain.
  • This appliance is made entirely of ceramic. Many animals have allergies to plastic. This fountain will not harm your pet’s health. Its rounded shape is both decorative and captivating, especially for your pet.


  • Nothing to say about its quality: Some buyers prefer to filter the water themselves and have preferred to remove the filters from this model. Although, nothing particularly annoying.

Wonder Creature Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain

This fountain has a system that allows it to regulate the flow of water. It can produce a water jet of up to 0.35 cm in height.

It is powered by a 12 V power cable. It can also be charged continuously via an adapter that is connected to a 230-240 V mains supply.

Also, you will notice that this device remains economical if you decide to compare it with other devices, as it consumes only 2 Watts.

It also has a very quiet water pump.

With a maximum capacity of 2 L, this fountain can last a whole day without the need to refill the water.

Even better, it is not specified for a particular animal, since cats and dogs can use it.

What’s more, it is suitable for all sizes of animals.

It comes with a silicone mat measuring 36 cm. This element will facilitate its installation and can also be used as a decorative object.


  • The noise it makes is imperceptible. It provides perfect comfort and does not disturb the animal in any way when it comes to quench its thirst.
  • Maintenance: It is an ultra-silent cat water fountain equipped with mats. This prevents the underside of the fountain from deteriorating. It also keeps your home clean.


  • Quality of the water pump: Although the fountain is generally resistant, the water pump remains the most fragile part. It can be damaged very easily.

HoneyGuaridan Battery Operated Cat Water Fountain

This water fountain has a capacity of 2 L, it can be used on sector.

It is equipped with a carbon filter, the water is of good quality and prevents the occurrence of infections and other diseases.

It can be used for several types of animals, dogs, cats, rabbits and even pigeons.

It is easy to disassemble and clean.

It is made of quality materials without BPA.

The fountain has 3 operating modes: Press the button to change the operating mode.

In infrared induction mode, the water cooler dispenses water when the infrared sensor detects its pets 1.5 meters; In continuous mode, the water cooler dispenses water 24 hours a day; In intermittent mode, the water cooler dispenses water for 1 hour and stops for 30 minutes.

Compact patented design: the 2.5 L recirculation system occupies a small floor space. This system is designed with a wide and smooth slope to cope with more fresh air. If there is not enough water, it stops working and reminds you to fill the water with the LED light.

This battery operated cat water fountain cooler is easy to assemble if you follow the instructions, super easy to clean with water and cleaner.

The replaceable water and carbon filter eliminates bad tastes and odors, keeping the water fresh and helps prevent urinary and kidney disease in pets through increased hydration.

This pet water cooler uses ultra-low energy, maximum 2.6 kWh per month; Made of food grade materials, BPA free and FDA approved.


  • 3 operating modes
  • Compact patented design
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Environmental protection


  • Water is not filtered well
  • Motor is a little too loud

PetSafe Drinkwell Cat and Dog Water Fountain

Very large capacity, ideal when you have several pets including the dog.

It has an anti-splash ramp, with 10 filters and therefore a long-lasting filtration.

However, they must be replaced every 3 weeks on average.

This fountain has a submersible pump that makes it virtually silent.

The waterfall oxygenates the water and encourages cats and dogs to drink more.

The activated carbon filter is made from coconut bark and retains odors, bad tastes and bacteria.

Rubber feet on the fountain prevent slipping.

The Drinkwell platinum pet fountain comes with a 2-year warranty of conformity.


  • Quiet operation
  • Promotes hydration
  • Anti-odour / anti-debris
  • Anti-slip


  • Pump has a short life span

What Is a Battery Operated Cat Water Fountain?

As the name implies, it is a small fountain that provides unlimited access to a fresh water source for cats.

The tray fills automatically so that the animal has access to drinking water at all times and when needed. The small animal is entitled to a constant waterfall according to its needs and desires.

 What Are the Advantages of Using this Fountain?

The use of this type of equipment encourages your cat to drink more water. Indeed, for most of these small animals, running water really tastes better than stagnant water.

Thanks to the fountain, the animal will benefit from a constant supply of drinking water.

Among other things, the equipment prevents the animal from dehydration. Lack of water can lead to heat stroke and damage to the animal’s kidneys, not to mention other health problems.

In addition, the item keeps your cat mentally stimulated because of its inherent interest in running water.

And finally, the fountain saves you the chore of having to refill your cat’s water bowl regularly.

Water Fountain versus Water Bowl

Many cat owners are not convinced of the need for a water fountain.

By observing your cat’s behavior, you can determine whether you should trade your cat’s bowl of water for a water cooler.

Here are the signs that you should buy a water cooler for your small pet:

  1. Your cat prefers to drink from a dripping faucet rather than from their water bowl.
  2. Your cat will prefer to drink from the toilet because it’s cooler than the bowl.
  3. Your cat will only drink water from a bowl if it has been freshly filled.

How Do I Choose a Good Cat Water Fountain?

The use of this equipment is very beneficial for cats and their owners.

In fact, there are a number of features you will need so that the model can meet your needs and quality requirements.

When looking for the model for your cat, you need to focus on reliability, durability and many features to justify the cost.

Reliable and Hygienic Materials

The water cooler you choose must be made of hygienic materials. Stainless steel and ceramics are usually a safe bet.

However, plastic water coolers for cats work just as well, provided they are cleaned and maintained regularly. To do this, make sure that the product does not contain BPA.

The Size of the Cat Water Fountain

You have to be very careful about the size of the device since it must be appropriate for the size of your pet.

If your pet is a small cat, the height of the device would be quite small, but if it is a large cat, its height should be quite large.

The Size of the Bowl

The larger the bowl, the more oxygenated the water is and therefore appreciated.

However, in summer, this water will tend to evaporate quickly. You will therefore be forced in this case to regularly replenish the water.

Also, since kittens tend to have a lot of fun, a large container will encourage water wastage because your cat will tend to play with it.

The Capacity

You must be careful to choose a fountain that is neither too big nor too small.

Indeed, it also depends on your cat’s consumption. It is estimated that a cat consumes an average of 25 to 30 cl of water per day.

You can therefore make a small calculation to realize the approximate capacity you need for the water cooler.

There is also the case where you have several cats, in this case you will have to take a rather large water cooler otherwise you will be forced to buy several, which is not convenient.

Motor Noise

A rather important criterion is noise.

Care must be taken to choose the least noisy model possible, but water coolers are generally not too noisy.

The only problem is when the amount of water in the fountain is low, the noise made by the water coming from the pump is quite important and therefore annoying.

It is therefore necessary to monitor the water level in order to fill it as much as possible to avoid this noise.

Spare Parts

Do not choose a device for which it is difficult to find replacement or spare parts.

The Fountain Should Be Easy to Clean

A water cooler that is not easy to clean is not interesting.

The pump and especially the filters must be accessible quickly enough for cleaning.

Water coolers with a complex design with several angles are not easy to clean. It is better to choose a simple accessory.

Your Space

You have to take into account the size of your apartment.

Sometimes this can be a problem and it is essential that the water cooler is discreet, light and thin so as not to take up a lot of space.

Your Budget

It’s very important that you know how much you have for your kitty water cooler.

To determine this easily you have to take into account all your needs so that you can roughly know the price range you are in.

A water cooler for the cheapest models can be around $15 to 20.

For the most expensive models, you should expect $70, 80 or even 100 and even more.

HoneyGuaridan Battery Operated Cat Water Fountain

HoneyGuaridan Battery Operated Cat Water Fountain – Source:

Frequently Asked Questions on Battery Operated Cat Water Fountains

Why Choose a Battery Operated Cat Water Fountain?

Cats need to stay hydrated like any other living thing. This need for water is often overlooked, as the main foods available to pets are still limited. In addition, kibbles have low water content.

Moreover, choosing a bowl to fill is not a good choice, because cats will be reluctant to plunge their snout into it because of the sensitivity of their whiskers.

The water may also stagnate, allowing microbes to proliferate and cause illness.

By learning how a cat water fountain works, you will understand why it will be the best choice for your pet.

Which One to Choose: Stainless Steel or Ceramic Cat Water Fountain?

Before deciding where to buy a new cat water fountain, you need to know whether you prefer a stainless steel or ceramic device.

Stainless steel is strong and durable, but also easy to maintain. However, the noise it makes can be disturbing to the cat.

However, ceramic is the preferred material for cats because it does not smell when in contact with water, but the only downside is that it is not particularly robust.

How Do You Get a Cat Used to the Water Fountain?

The reaction of each cat to the water fountain can be different from one cat to another.

If the fountain is a water fountain, the cat’s playfulness will quickly reveal itself. In this case, simply turn the fountain on and let your cat come to play and taste it. The lapping of the water will then attract it every time it is thirsty.

If the sound of the lapping water is not present, the battery operated cat water fountain will have to be placed not far from its bowl. The cat’s curious character will allow him to come closer and taste it.

However, it will need time to adapt.

The important thing is not to rush the cat in this case, but to allow it to move forward and drink at its own pace.

Of course, do not hesitate to learn how to fill a cat water fountain so that it always has something to drink at its reach.

How Do I Clean a Battery Operated Cat Water Fountain?

For effective cleaning, use soapy water.

Then clean the reservoir with this solution as well as the drip tray and pump.

Finish by rinsing with clear water.

You can also descale the appliance with water mixed with white vinegar.

However, remember to rinse thoroughly.

Cat Drinking Photo by Ad Delphine from Pixabay

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Battery Operated Cat Water Fountains

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