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The Flame Point Siamese Cat: Origins, Personality, Cost, Health Issues…

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Flame Point Siamese Cat

Today I would like to tell you about a breed of cat that I am particularly fond of: the flame point Siamese cat.

Cats are one of the cutest and fluffiest pet animals and a best friend one can ever wish for.

Buying or adopting a cat is like welcoming a new member to your family; at first, it feels strange both for you and your pet cat but as time passes, everything starts falling into the right place.

So if you are looking to buy or adopt a Siamese cat, we will let you know that the Siamese cat is one of the most famous cats in all the cat breeds because of their loving nature; these cats share a special bond with their owners. Siamese cat is one of the most talkative pets you will ever see, and they have an outstanding personality.

Siamese cat is divided into different variations by cross-breeding them with other breeds. Here in this article, we will let you know the variation of a Siamese cat popularly known as the red point Siamese or flame point Siamese cat. Here we will answer one of the most asked questions for you to read to help you make an informed decision.

Origin of the Pure-Breed Siamese and Flame Point Siamese Breed

The pure breed Siamese cat originated in Thailand, and it is known that the breed first came into existence in 1884. The pure breed Siamese cat is white, having dark shades on its face, ears, paws and tail.

Whereas the Flame point Siamese cat first came into existence when a cross has happened between pure-breed Siamese and an American short-hair with orange genes, it was then perfected with some additional experiments over the years.

The flame point was first introduced in the U.K in the 1930s. Since then, it has been known as a favorite pet to be in your home.

This specific classification of Siamese has only 25% of females and 75% of males.

What Does Flame Point Mean?

The Flame point Siamese cat came into existence when a cross has happened between Siamese and American short-hair with an orange gene; because of the orange gene, the flame point also carries on the orange color on its body.

The prominent orange color on its body is the reason it is known as the flame point siamese. The color keeps getting darker as the cat ages by each passing day.

Red Point Siamese Kitten

Red Point Siamese Kitten – Photo by Jan BuchholtzCC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Personality of the Flame Point Siamese Cat

These Flame point Siamese have mostly inherited their unique personality from pure breed Siamese and American short hair, which makes them very friendly.

The pure breed Siamese has a fantastic personality, is very talkative and always active, and loves to draw attention. Most people enjoy this unique factor, but it is a bit annoying for some.

The flame point Siamese has inherited this uniqueness from pure breed, which is why they are also very talkative once they get attached to their owners.

The American short-hair is also known as the perfect member of your family; they love to sit by their owners. These cats are popularly known because of their adaptable nature.

The American short-hair loves to socialize and can easily live with other pet animals and children. These cats have a life longing loyal personality and are known to be amazingly active even in their old age. This is also one of the characteristics which can be found in Flame point Siamese.

Flame point Siamese has inherited both of these breeds characteristics and have made them it’s own. The Flame point is very playful and can be seen jumping from one place to another. These cats have them in nature to attract their owner’s attention by continually talking to their owners, telling them the whole story of the day. These cats can also be seen busy fighting with their owner’s feet, so don’t get annoyed because this is what makes them unique.

The Flame point is also known to have in their nature to adapt to change according to their environments; they tend to remain loyal to their owners even when they reach old age.

Are Flame Points Rare?

Because of the huge demand, the Flame point is rare and will be difficult and time-consuming to find any.

So if you are really keen on finding one of the Flame points for your family, then the best place for you to look is pet adoption shelters; before going from one shelter to another, the best for you is to check their adoption list.

The obvious other choice would be to reach out to a professional breeder who specifically breeds Siamese cat. If you are lucky enough to find one with any on the breeder, make sure to check the complete documents and vaccinations.

What Are the Typical Health Issues Flame Point Siamese Cats Have?

The Flame point Siamese cats are known to be highly active, and because of their playful nature, there are a lot of chances that your cat might have arthritis but in their old age.

And some owners have also known to say that flame point starts to have a urinary problem which most probably is inherited from the American short-hair. If you have or are thinking of having a flame point Siamese cat, make sure to take proper care of its diet and remember to visit a vet once in a while to catch early medical problems if there are any.

Are Flame Point Hypoallergenic?

The pure breed Siamese cat and Flame point Siamese are known to be hypoallergenic cats. These cats usually shed very little of their hairs as compared to the other breeds.

Because of the little shedding, these cat hair can easily be cleaned, but its hair can cause a reaction to sensitive people.

What Are the Different Colors of the Flame Point Siamese Cat?

Apart from the flame point, these cats are born in four different colors:

  • Lilac point
  • Chocolate point
  • Blue point
  • Seal point

Lilac Point

Lilac point is known to be the lightest as compared to the other colors.

The base color of a lilac point Siamese is a light white type of color, and the base color remains to be light throughout their life. At the same time, their point color is Brown/grey, which can be seen on their paws and nose.

Chocolate Point

The chocolate point Siamese are known to be very rare, and because of their color, they have the same appearance as seal point Siamese.

The body’s base color is ivory with minimal shading, and the color of the points is chocolate brown and has patches all over the body.

Flame Point Siamese Cat

Flame Point Siamese Cat – Photo by gsloanCC BY 2.0

Blue Point Siamese

The Blue point Siamese are known to be quite distinct. The base color of their body is white, with a little shade of blue in it. The color of the point is bluish, which can be seen on its tail, face and ear.

Seal Point Siamese

One of the most popular colors is the seal point. The seal point Siamese has a cream-colored base. The color of the point is dark brown, which can be seen on their tail, paws, ears and nose.

How Long Does a Flame Point Siamese Cat Can Live?

Flame point Siamese is one of the healthiest cat breeds because of all their active nature.

These cats can live a long and healthy life for as long as 12 years, and with the proper diet and proteins, one can even live a longer life for almost 14 years; you must take care of your precious cat and remember to visit a vet once in a while to keep yourself well informed.

How Much Does a Flame Point Siamese Cat Cost?

Because of their rarity, Flame point cats can be very expensive. The price of these cats starts from almost $400 and can go as high as $2000.

The price keeps changing with the cat’s age, and the cat’s cost also depends on the breeders. These breeders can charge more as they have to spend more money on their vaccinations to keep them healthy.

Conclusion on Flame Point Siamese Cat

This article is for the people looking to buy or adopt a Flame point Siamese cat for their homes. I hope it has helped you collect all the information and answers to all the questions you can think of before making an informed decision.

Reading this article will give you full information on these precious cats about their origin and personality. We have also highlighted their health issues one can face along with their life expectancy and price.

What do you think of our article? And what are the other issues you are facing?

Flame Point Simaese Cat Photo by pxhere.comCC0 1.0

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